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dev.to staff on June 18, 2019

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Hi all. My name is Franco and I'm from Italy. I love coding, and not by chance I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. My biggest passion is web development. I love HTML, CSS, JavaScript and web performance. Every time I build something for the web I ask myself: «How can I made it better and faster?».


Hey Franco Nice to meet you, I am new here and was just noticing that you had a CS degree. I am in the process of getting my CS degree but I am just starting out so I am really new to things, unfortunately. If you don't mind me asking, do you think the degree has helped your success in the industry a lot or not so much?


Hi Ryan, nice to meet you! Getting the degree has helped me a lot, since I was able to learn very difficult things that are fundamental for the field of CS. If you have any other question doesn't hesitate to ask!


Some days ago I published an article that try to answer the question if it does make sense to take a degree in a Computer Science major. I wrote down my experience and points of view. Ryan, I warmly invite you to read it! francoscarpa.com/articles/degree/


How can I made it better and faster?

Good mantra to have 🙂


Yes. I love refactoring my code to ensure it's as DRY as it can be. Performance optimisation is key. :)


I just want to let people have the possibility to enjoy the best experince possible.


Hey Franco, what resource would you recommend most for learning about web performance?


As soon as I come back home, I’ll show you my personal resources ;)


The secret to making it faster?
Code it in assembly!


No, code it in machine language: 0011011010111011... 😁

Benvenuto, Franco!

Given you are a web developer, might I take the privilege of introducing you to WebAssembly? :)

Given your mantra, here's a blog post that might be worth a read: cliffle.com/blog/bare-metal-wasm/

Happy hacking!

Thanks, Ganesh! Well, I read something about WebAssembly some months ago and I found it really interesting. However, I’ve never deepen my knowledge about it. I’ll surely read the article you linked! You can absolutely introduce me to WebAssembly. 😊


Hi Franco nice to meet you. I'm super excited about new experiences.


Hello Franco how are u. See your Post. U are a great web developer but keep tight for it, it will take some time to make perfect into web designing.
Join me I will help u :)


I'm not absolutely perfect, I've so, so much to learn :) Coding is a never ending journey.


How can I made it better and faster?

This is one of my favorite questions to ask! Humans don't make perfect things so there's pretty much always an answer too :)


Hi Franco! is awesome that you love coding too, hope you will get better and better in web development. one question, do you know backend too?. Greetings from Venezuela.


Hi, Orlando! No, I’m sorry, I have knowledge only about front-end web development. Have a nice day!


Hi all! At this point, I might have already bored everyone hehehe. As many of devs here, I am going through an intense learning process.
I am 31 years old and decided to give up my job to really focus on conversion and become a front-end developer asap.
I am not quite sure how I came across Dev.to but I know I just fell in love of it. I felt like this was the right social network to be. Since it is not just for questions nor to show off projects or look for a job like Linkedin. It feels like a secure place to learn and share within the developer's community. A really nice and welcoming place. Thank you :D


Hi Nadine, I am new to the community and I just wanted to say I can fully relate to the struggle and how difficult it can be to learn new concepts and ideas. I am 37 myself and after 20 years of house, painting decided I wanted to go to school and pursue my original adolescent passion, computers. So just wanted to say I can relate and wanted to say thanks for sharing.


It is so brave to take this decision after so many years focused in a profession! Congratulations for taking the step forward. I am here to cheer you up too hehe


Welcome, Nadine! Your commitment is inspiring, and I can't wait to see where it takes you!

Also, I've been meaning to ask you about the hashtag in your Twitter bio, #CodeGrils. 😄


Grills have the right to code too! If they had hands... Hahahhaa

I will correct it right away thank you!

I didn't want to mention it here for everyone to see, but you can't have DMs open because so many people on the internet are nitwits. It's the second time I've had to face this conundrum in a week's time. I suppose there could be worse problems to have!

Sorry Jesse, I don't fully understand your message about the DMs. Lost in translation I am afraid.
I have corrected the #.


I'm a fellow career changer 2.5 years after making the switch! While scary and overwhelming at times it has been totally worth it and communities like this make it even better!


Hi Nadine! I agree, after searching different articles on dev.to I felt comfortable to join too. A great place to learn and share ideas.


Definitely, it feels good to have people to share :)


Congrats on deciding to focus on front-end dev! Coding is such a fulfilling livelihood, and now is a super exciting time to learn (especially in the world of JS). 🏆 🏆


Hey all,
My academic background is electrical engineering and software development. My passions are empowering people through technology. I live in Senegal, West Africa, where I work to foster entrepreneurialism among underemployed youth.

I am also a C# enthusiast. As a side hustle, I am working on developing a curriculum to teach computer programming here in Senegal. My friends here have a lot of great ideas, and I am hoping this curriculum will empower them to bring their ideas to fruition.

If you are interested, I regularly write C# tutorials at wellsb.com. You can also follow me on Twitter @bradwellsb


Glad to have you here, Bradley. Feel free to get involved in C# articles on the site and share your knowledge with the community.


Hi Bradley,

Great to see a fellow EE here! I am inspired to learn more about your venture. All the best.



Total newbie here. Actually found this site thanks to the google app in the pixel launcher. Pointed me to an article and here I am. I'm looking to transition into a career in web design.


Hi there! Nice to hear you are also in a career transition. I am going through the same :D


It's refreshing to hear I'm not alone in that! From the looks of it you've made a lot of progress in a little time. Which gives me hope.

Sure! If you put time in it, you will improve super fast. However your perception won't be that hahaha


Welcome to DEV. We have a lot of resources and articles on web design available, so I hope you find everything you're looking for.


You came to the right place! Folks are generally super friendly and there's lots of beginner-friendly content as well!


Hey Raxath!

Just like many others it seems, I'm also here to transition into a different career path - good luck to both of us!


Hello Raxath! I came from a completely different field and after a period of time I became developer. Sometimes it may be hard but is possible and funny


Hello there!
Welcome!! I've also been going through a career transition for the last 1 1/2 years. Wishing you all the best!


Hi, I'm Emma!

I currently work full-time as a front-end dev. I'm here to learn new things and improve my blogging skills.

I also have created a habit tracking Trello Power-Up called Streak - if you have any feature suggestions/critiques please let me know!


Hi! I'm here to also improve my blogging skills so hopefully we'll both be experts by the end of the year 💪

I took a look at Streak and it looks awesome 🎉 I've always been fascinated about using things like Trello instead of classic full-blown apps, and this is a really neat application of that idea!


Hiya all! I’m Alain from Italy. I’m a proud dad and guitar player that become a dev because of a C64. Currently I’m in Sheffield - UK working as a web team leader at TheFloow. I’m still eager to learn new stuff and to give back to dev community what I received during all these years.


Hello Alain,

Welcome. I'm only a few miles up the road from you in East Yorkshire. I grew into my C64 from my ZX81. Although only a novice player, I do pick up my guitar for a few minutes whenever I need a mental break from coding.


I have been trying to get back into playing the guitar, but I don't have a ton of time to devote to practicing. What style of music do you play?

And it's awesome that you became a dev because of C64! I grew up on fairly new technology, but I have a passion for old computers. I'd love to pick up a C64, Apple II, or anything like that!


A fellow guitar player, nice! 🎸

What type of music you like playing?


Similar story here. Loved writing "databases" on the C64. Two small children myself so not much time for the guitar any more.


Hi All, My name is Chetan and I'm from sunny California

I'm an engineer turned company operations guy and I started Macrometa 2 years back with my cofounder Durga Gokina to create a new geo-distributed cloud that runs your apps and data across a network of data centers closer to your end users. So instead of your App or API having a single lonely backend thousands of miles and hundreds of milliseconds away from your clients, browsers, and devices, our cloud puts the database and server-side code 10-20 milliseconds away by distributing, synchronizing and orchestrating your data worldwide.

Macrometa is a CRDT database - it uses some new database techniques like Conflict Free Replicated Data Types, logical time keeping and Convergence (instead of consensus) to help provide strong consistency gaurnatees across very large network distances and latencies. It allows you to have local read write latencies - yet synchronizes accurately and deterministically.

Learn more at macrometa.co/macrometa-in-2


Macrometa is fascinating, I'll admit to not even realizing such a set-up is possible. Look forward to learning more, and welcome!


Thanks Peter for the warm words - I appreciate it.

If you have interest in some code - here's a repl of doing some things like creating a DB that runs across LA, Virginia, Frankfurt and Mumbai India

the code does some inserting and querying. There is a geo loadbalancer in front of this makes sure you are routed to the closest database location based on where you are making the request from.

Repl.it here --> repl.it/@ChetanVenkatesh/Programmi...

Docs - dev.macrometa.co

Let me know if you have any questions of feedback


Hey everyone! My name is Skye, and I'm an upcoming junior in college studying Computer Science. This summer I have a web development internship with a local tech company that is challenging and improving my skills every day! I'm here because I see a lot of DEV.to articles on my twitter feed and decided to join the community!


Good luck with your internship! Don't be shy about using the #help tag to seek answers from the community if you're stuck on anything.


Thanks! This seems like a great community to be a part of so I definitely will use it to my advantage.


Welcome to the community! Would love to hear from you how the internship went. Maybe an article idea for later 🙂


It's going great right now! Maybe I will write about it at some point...


What is actually up, everyone! My name is Alex and I'm from Romania (east Europe). I'm mainly a frontend developer (2yr experience) but I've dabbled in building APIs with Express and stuff like that. After a 14 month hiatus from development due to personal stuff here I find myself re-learning and discovering a lot of new things. It's pretty exciting but daunting at the same time.

I just discovered this site a couple of weeks ago after searching something I don't remember on google. Been browsing almost daily since so I thought that I might as well create an account :D

I'm currently building a desktop app for the cryptocurrency space with Electron and Vuejs as a personal project that maybe I can monetize in the future. Can't wait to pester y'all with questions!

All the best,


Hello Alex, my name is Ryan and I am new here and just wanted to say hi. It sounds like you got a lot of fun stuff going on can't wait to get to know you and everyone more and this really seems like a good place to foster friendships and community with like-minded individuals.


I've always wanted to travel to Romania! Been to Bulgaria, but didn't quite make it as far as Romania. I lived in Scotland for a bit and love old castles. I've heard there are some pretty cool looking medieval towns and gothic castles. Bran Castle looks awesome!


Welcome Alex 👋 (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

daunting at the same time.

It surely is daunting on both front/backend worlds.
No need to try everything new that's coming out as nobody can 😀

And see you around~


Hey everyone,

My name's Josh and I just landed a frontend developer job a couple months ago at an advertising agency.

I'm solid in HTML and CSS, but my JavaScript is lacking, knowing only enough to make simple web animations.

My skills are good enough for my job, but I want to keep learning more technologies (I think my next step is learning React?) so that I can become a better developer and contribute more to this company or another in the future.

Been a lurker for a while, but decided to finally join this great community.



Been a lurker for a while, but decided to finally join this great community.

Very happy to have you here.

My skills are good enough for my job, but I want to keep learning more

This is an admirable goal and attitude. Look forward to seeing you around the site.


Same! I lurked for a month or two before posting. Welcome to DEV!


Hi all! My name is Peter and I'm from South Korea, Texas, and Illinois. I studied Economics at Yale and will be working in consulting in Washington, D.C. come this fall. I am excited about web development and data science, particularly in its applications for government tech! I love Ruby (and bare with Python)!

I want to build things that give more power to more people!


power to more people!

Yes! We are open-source and are definitely excited about finding ways to give power to the people. You might enjoy this post from yesterday.

From one Peter to another, welcome! :D


Hiya Peter, welcome to dev.to ^o/ 👋

There are many folks (web or other kinds of) development.
You can subscribe to #Ruby & #Python to learn & share 😀


Hey Everyone. My name is Meryem and i'm from Morocco. I was studying Chemistry in university but after 3 years of starting it i decided to change career and do what i actually like which is coding. I started on FreeCodeCamp and that was the point where i was 100% sure about coding. I never thought that i can make a project even if it's just a simple Tribute page , but i did it and after that i felt like i can literally do anything i want to. Now i'm focusing on CSS3 and want to master it.
I'm Happy to join you all here and excited to share and get ideas and thoughts with each others. ^


Welcome! CSS is fun! It's great seeing what people can make with just CSS.


Now i'm focusing on CSS3 and want to master it.

I’m sure you’ll master it soon enough, welcome to the community Meryem!


Hi! My name is Sajjad, I'm from Iran. I enjoy coding and theory, and I love free software. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and I'm starting a Master degree in the same field. I love hacking together chatbots and I've created a lot of them!


They are in my native language (Farsi) and are published on Telegram, where would it be appropriate to share them?

Maybe share some info about the making of, to help others make?

Sounds great, I'll get to it once I found my way around


hi friends! i'm ariel, working as a "full-stack" (but primarily focused on back-end and sql) developer at a startup in orlando for just under two years. i worked for nearly a decade in hospitality (bs in hospitality management from ucf), before finally realizing that my mom (software engineer at boeing) was correct - my brain was made to write code. so here i am. looking to have interesting conversations and learn a bit, too. ✌🏼


Welcome Ariel!

I hope you'll have a great time here, you'll find plenty of content and a lot of interesting discussions. May I suggest that you browse around the discuss tag if you haven't already?


i'd been dabbling for many years, but ultimately attended a 6 week coding bootcamp to really dig in and learn enough to confidently apply for jobs and build fully functional web apps. best decision i've ever made!


my brain was made to write code

you'll fit in well here


Hi dev community, I'm Ben and I've been (see how that works?) a full LAMP stack developer since 2003. I'm learning Angular right now simply because I like it, the best way to learn is to read and write tutorials, so I just posted a couple and I'm reading more here.


Welcome, Ben! To steal a lame joke, it's always great to have more Bengineers in the community!


Heya! What's it like to still do PHP? I understand the ecosystem has changed quite a bit, there's got to be a lot of stories to tell


Well, mainly we do one of two things now, that is CMS's (WordPress is 40% of the internet, but isn't my "thing", but I have done Drupal, which is 4%) or write REST API's like everyone else (on the PHP side of things) with JavaScript frameworks to consume them on the front end. PHP still makes up around 70-80% of the internet, so there's a lot of us "still" doing it.


Hi everyone. My name is Jesse and I am from NYC. I am an avid coder and a software eng helping to build the WayScript visual programming platform - goal is to make software dev tasks way faster and easier (such as build a slack bot, run a script on a daily schedule and send an email, etc. ). I am a big python user but also work with javascript, sql, html/css (when I have to), and more. I usually go to Flask for web apps that I am building. I also like to post programming tutorials on our YouTube channel - youtube.com/c/wayscript

Here to learn more than I knew yesterday!


Thanks Ben! I haven't but it looks awesome and I am definitely going to RSVP to check it out


Awesome to have you here!

Please feel welcome to create your first post of any kind. It doesn't have to be a blog post, it could just be a question.

Use the #help tag if you need some folks to weigh in on a coding problem or the #discuss tag to start a community discussion.

Here's an example of a discussion post:

Everyone is welcome to start one. You can also peruse the site for good threads to weigh in on with a comment.

Also feel free to leave a question in any post. Authors love following up to add additional context. We're all here to learn and teach.

Happy coding!


Hey there. Just stumbled upon this site and though I'd join. Currently work as a Jack of all trades in the graphic design and web space. Use Laravel daily and trying to teach myself Vue to extend my skills. Just a heads up, I will probably be asking and reading many questions about it.


Welcome Chris (~ ̄▽ ̄)~🎈

I read a tweet one day that Laravel having a great ecosystem unlike Vue & React.

I wish you have a smooth learning experience with Vue 😀
And you can subscribe to #vue to learn and share with others 😉


G'day all.

I'm Søren from Denmark, a Nerd By Nature, a #groovylang lover and the founder of the All Things Groovy conference: GR8Conf (gr8conf.eu)

I'm pretty passioned about technology, and spend way too much time in front of my computer. While not sitting in front of it, I do enjoy walking in our beautiful country side, or rowing a kayak.


Looks like GR8Conf just wrapped up recently. How'd it go this year?


We had a blast of an event. Nothing but positive feedback. I just wish that there would be more attendees. I'm struggling to find the recipie to attract a larger crowd.


There are a few conference organizers here in the community. It would be awesome to continue sharing knowledge about how to plan and run awesome conferences. Welcome!


I'd be happy to share what I know. I'm "just" a developer who ended up doing a series of conferences (11 so far) on All Things Groovy


I love that you ended with rowing a kayak. I'm right there with ya on that one! 🛶


Hello. My name is Rashad. What brought me here is that I feel I needed a place to be able to let my thoughts out on the process of becoming better at IT. I have a passion for Cyber Security and I hope to be able to get into the field by early next year after getting my Security + Comptia cert this year (hopefully).


Hey Rashad, welcome to the community!
Cyber security is an interesting topic and you are very welcome to post articles about it on DEV as you progress 😊

Hope you find a job and get your certifications.

Check out tags like #security, #privacy and #cryptography


Hi all, my name is Florie. I did a job conversion, 1 year (and few months) ago, to become fullstack Js web dev and I love it !
I try to improve myself everyday (and sometimes it's hard 😅)


Perth dotnet developer here. I dig holes for a living, using a text editor.
Passionate about unit testing because it's the only real way I have of knowing the stuff I wrote still works.
I run Perth Open Source Hackers (POSH) which is a once a month hack afternoon at our local maker space, The Perth Artifactory.
Lovely to have found this place, it looks like where my ppl hang out.


I dig holes for a living, using a text editor.

This reminds me of my favorite poem: Digging by Seamus Heaney



Loving open source, low level tech (raspberry pi), lean tech (JavaScript) but better: combining them. Currently I'm working on building a CMS using JavaScript tech only: DHTMLX, Node and MongoDB, running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+... just because I can


Hello, guys! My name is Eduardo, but you can call me Lalo. I am a software developer from Mexico for the last 4 years. I am currently working as web developer for a company from Mexico City remotely and working on a personal project (web and mobile application).

I have interest on learning some videogame engine and currently I am learning SASS, PixelArt, VueJS and Xamarin. I hope to learn a lot of cool stuff here.


Thank you, Michael! It was one of the first tags I followed after signup, but thanks, I'll have an eye on it :)


Hi All - My name is Durga and from Bay Area, California. I came across Dev recently. My background is primarily in distributed systems like geo-distributed databases and streams. My interests are mostly to do with building stuff, trading and playing with my dog. Not sure what else to say. Just wanted to say Hi to all.

Take care,


Hey Durga, welcome to the community. There are plenty of dog lovers here on DEV. We should maybe start a thread where people can show off their four-legged friends.


Hi Peter - Nice to meet you. I agree. We should have a thread where folks can introduce their four-legged friends.




My name is Eric and I live in Chicago. I am here to learn more about Java Script so I can test APIs more efficiently in Postman. I would also like to learn more about Selenium.



Welcome! And cool stuff, you should think about following the #javascript and #selenium tags as your feed will send you content relevant to whatever tags you follow.


Thank you. I was already following javascript but didnt know about selenium.

No worries!

In fact, I should mention that you can simply type dev.to/t/whatevertagyouwant to see a list of all posts that have been tagged with that tag.

If you're just looking to browse tags however, this is a great place to start - dev.to/tags. This isn't a comprehensive list, but it shows the most used tags.

Hope this helps!


Great to have you Eric! I think you'll fit right in.


Hi everyone. I am Tercio and I'm from Brazil.
It is great to be here. Despite the almost 10 years working as developer, I feel as a beginner: with a lot of things to learn.
I hope learn with all you. Tnks!


Hi community :) My name is Belgutei.I am from Mongolia.I've studied (2009)6 years ago Information technology which was not interested at all in that time, later on(currently) (little bit late) realized that i'd love to learn languages. I started from HTML, CSS and bit of JS. Searching and reading almost everyday articles to becoming frontend or fullstack path and decided to contribute my time and passion to coding.


Hi, I am Anurag Rana from New Delhi. I have a master's degree in computer science and I am working as a backend developer in a product based organization.

I am working on Java microservices right now and I have learned Python Django for my hobby projects. I write about the Python and Django on my blog pythoncircle.com, which in itself is developed by me in Django only.


Hi, I'm Alli and I've seen so many good things come out of this community on twitter, I finally decided to join. I have a degree in English but fell into web development many years ago and have yet to find a better career option. I love JavaScript but have recently started digging into some new languages, namely Java and Python. At the same time!


Did you ever work in a non-technical role or did you go straight from English major -> professional web developer?!


My career history is far from usual. Maybe that would make for a good first post.


Hi everyone! 👋🏼

I'm Sanket, and I'm founder of DeepSource, a continuous quality platform. I'm passionate about developer tools, language analysis, and distributed systems -- and my day job includes building stuff that helps developers write better code. Looking forward to have insightful conversations around these. Hit me up!


Thanks Ben! It's free for open-source forever, so you can try it out. 😀


Hi! My name is Alex, and I'm a web developer from Upstate New York. I am always looking to learn new things, and I love building things from scratch. I'm also interested in a ton of different topics, and I listen to a ton of music.


Hello everybody and good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are! My name is Edward and I'm a Computer Engineer from Venezuela but I'm currently living in Panama because of my work as a consultant.

I'm currently improving my skills as a Web developer but my heart is in game dev.

I hope you have/had a great day!


my heart is in game dev.

Are you actively doing any game dev these days?


Hi Ben, nice to meet you.

Kind of haha. I try to replicate the mechanics of various games in my free time but I stopped because I am looking for another job more related to Software development so, right now, I'm improving my skills in JS and C ++.

But I made two little games, one infinite runner and a race like that I want to improve (right now there's only one car, I need to add another one to make it a racing game, right? haha)


Hi there, I'm Fernando, 39. I'm a Software Engineer from Brazil.

I've never really seen this network before, thought it'd be interesting to test the waters around here.


Hi. I'm Orlando, greetings from Venezuela. I started learning code, this past year and really think it's a great thing to learn, this site is awesome and the community here is pretty cool. Hope I can help more people to learn code soon. I'm interested in JavaScript and Python.


Hi all! Greetings from Indonesia. My name is Danil, I'm 34 y.o. Actually i feel like a bit late entering development world. Since 2006, I've entered IT field as a student, and luckily learn about Linux at that moment. In 2009, I started working as a (offline) course instructor, with quite broad topic covered (web dev, mobile dev, graphic design and multimedia); mostly of it use FOSS (Free Open Source Software) as tools. During that time, I've never involved in real development project; Besides preparing -mostly- web & mobile project as learning materials.
Feel that I should have real development project, I decided to resign in Q4 2017. And I joined Indonesian startup company as a Web & Mobile Developer, in Jan 2018. Until present, I feel that I got more experience on development much much more than my previous job as an instructor.
But personally, I eager to learn more from the community. As experience is the best teacher, said ones quote. So, here I am :)


Hi! I'm Daniel Rodriguez. Originally from Venezuela, now living in Florida, I've been working almost exclusively as a remote software developer since 2011. I recently joined Microsoft! I'm very proud of it. I'm working on Open Source tools written in TypeScript with an amazing team of people from around the world. I hope to learn many new things here!


Welcome, Daniel! Which Open Source tools are you working on?


Hello all – I’m a seasoned Systems Engineer turning Cloud Architect. Focusing on becoming more knowledgeable in coding. With Infrastructure as Code becoming more popular, it is time upgrade my experience to the next level.

I found this dev-site by following a link of a link of a link and I’m glad I did. I like the fact that there are so many people of different skill levels willing to help those that needed it. I’m looking forward to reading through this site.

Thanks to the founders for creating Dev.to!



Hi all, my nam is Yannick. I’m a front-end developer at Yummygum based in the Netherlands.

I just finished my finals project for my study in interaction design. And starting next year I’ll be studying information technology.

I’m currently trying to introduce code testing in to our process at Yummygum.

My passion lays with HTML, CSS, Javascript and React. I also have a strong passion for creating a good UX for the end user.

I love helping people and answering questions as I love to give my own thoughts but most importantly hear the thoughts of others.

I’m very happy to become a part of this community.


Hi Yannick, welcome to the community. We're all glad that you're here.

I love helping people and answering questions as I love to give my own thoughts but most importantly hear the thoughts of others.

This is a wonderful attitude, look forward to seeing some of your thoughts.


Hello all. My name is Aristeidis and I am from Greece. I decided to join this awesome community because I have noticed that it contains many good articles on web development and particular Angular that I am interested in.


Nice! You might've already discovered this, but do consider following dev.to/angular if you're not already.



Growing up my family had an Elk Ranch. Terrible idea don't get into it. Still that lead me to be involved in startups and to enjoy the crazy. Now working as a Dev/Product Owner at a startup called Jolt. I ended up here because of an article about GraphQL. I created an account to see if I could find the setting to put the website into a DarkMode. Hopefully it has one.


Hey Bryan! Welcome!

And oh wow, an Elk Ranch eh? There's gotta be a great yak shaving joke in there. 🦙


Hello all,
My name is Brett and I am an aspiring dev from Cocoa Beach Florida.

A little bit about my history, I was an audio engineer for about 15 years and had many day jobs along the way. Though eventually I got tired of not seeing my children so I decided to switch careers. I had built websites and graphics for bands and businesses mostly drag-and-drop but using HTML and CSS to really do what the client needed to do. During this time I got experience with Dreamweaver and utilizing FTP servers. Also, I got bit by the programming bug early in life with qbasic.

After leaving the music industry I got a job at a local magazine as their graphic designer and web developer. Using Wordpress I brought our SEO scores up and cleaned up the site as well as added ads. We also had three other clients that I managed and rebuilt their web pages as well All of them using different hosts and CMS.

While working for this company I took a couple of free online courses to get my chops up in HTML and CSS. After leaving that company I started to attend treehouse where I learned more about front end development and JavaScript. Though I made the mistake of not building a portfolio during this time, so after completing the course on front end development I was still unable to get a job.

After getting rejection letter after rejection letter I decided to get a job in something I had quite a bit of experience with CNC Machining.

Now on the right track I am starting to build my portfolio and learn Frameworks as well as many other things. I found out about this community on a podcast started looking around and found this community to be amazing. I will be writing a blog post in the future about the pitfalls and the struggles of getting into this industry.

I would definitely like to thank all of you that have contributed to this community and thank you for all of the information that I have already absorbed through this community.


Welcome, please use the community to learn and take your next steps!


Well hearing you describe this community on real talk JavaScript is what brought me here. So thank you very much.


Hello family!
I am Michael and I am from Ghana. I am 22 and I live and work as an e-commerce assistant in the capital Accra. Though I am pretty new to e-commerce, I've learned quite a lot in the very short space of time and what's compelled me to start learning code is how and why I actually got hired in the first place. My company needed a total revamp of its website and seeing how the processes and the way things were going about, I felt intrigued and told myself I'd learn how to code and develop websites for people and clients and businesses that needed them. Before the year ends, I hope to have acquired and mastered the basics of web development first hand. I joined Dev Community so as to engage and learn from the rest of the world that I want to be a part of. I look forwarding to an adventurous and fulfilled dev life!


I joined Dev Community so as to engage and learn from the rest of the world that I want to be a part of. I look forwarding to an adventurous and fulfilled dev life!

Sounds like you'll fit right in!


Hi everyone, Gareth here from Wales in the UK. Got a degree in computer systems engineering and electronics & have since worked in multiple sectors from aerospace to motor insurance. Anyway nice to be here, hope to see you around. :)


Thanks it was for Halloween last year, got some strange looks when fueling up on the way to work.


Hey everyone! I've been here a handful of times but since it seems I can't stop hearing about dev.to, I decided I should probably dive in a bit deeper and actually create an account. So here we are. I'm an "AWS Engineer" per my job title. So far I have two AWS certs, working on a third. I love to write code, mainly in flavors of JS or python. I'm currently about to begin an onboarding dashboard project for my company. Thinking about giving Electron a whirl with React.


Hi. I am Abbas from Nigeria. A Radio access network Engineer. I work on Huawei's 2G BSS equipment, 3G RAN Equipment and eNodeB equipment. I am on a path to become a pro in Data analysis and AI using Python. I will really like to any join mini projects to improve my python and data analysis skills.


Hello, everyone! My name is Swany and I am from Brazil. I am on transition of quitting my current profession to become a developer. So far in love with C# and going through really intense learning process. Currently studying SQL. I am working on getting a degree right now :)


Just thought I would say hello. I was told about the Dev.to community at a local developer meet up, and now I'm totally hooked. I'm a CS student and dad by day, and novice developer by night. I'm slowly pecking my way through JavaScript while juggling my school life. Something interesting about me? I used to be a radio DJ and board operator.


Greetings! I'm Jesse B. aka WolfSpiderCode a veteran of the Entertainment, Broadcast, Video Game, FinTech and currently Enterprise Software industries. Started coding at the age of 8 and mostly self taught but have had formal education as well in college. I typically mentor CS students or those that have recently finished their B.S. or M.S. as part of my day job. I'm hoping I can learn a lot from all of you here and very much enjoy the format of this site. Cheers!


Hello, my name is Eligreg and I'm a Venezuelan displaced living in Colombia. I started my digital career writing content but quickly learned that coding is the backbone of everything we do online and I want to learn. Also, I need a better job. There are many refugees who can cook or clean but not many that can code. I think I might get a better job if I learn how to code. Since I've been working in Marketing, my goal is to work with Analytics and data.

Being part of a community is always the best, I'm glad to start this path.


Sounds like you have a pretty great idea of the path forward and it is absolutely awesome to have you! My inbox is open if you ever need help with anything.


Hello! I'm a software engineer in Chicago. I've come down with a bout of imposter syndrome after a recent promotion so I thought joining a learning community might be a good way to fill those boots so to speak. I'm excited to improve my craft with everyone here!


Hello hello. My name is Ray Romero. I am from Vancouver, Canada and currently living in Saigon, Vietnam. I was working as a teacher and was learning how to code on the side. I enjoyed it so much I was able to find a Fullstack Webdeveloper boot camp here in Saigon. So I thought I'd switch careers and give it a shot. I am halfway through the course and it is honestly one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am joining because I want to keep stroking my curiosity and continue on learning.


Fellow Canadian 🇨🇦

Curious is a good way to be, welcome to the community!


Hi! I'm Avital from Tel Aviv - backend developer turned Developer Advocate, who recently got involved in twitter and ultimately got exposed to THIS amazing community. Next thing you know, I'm co-hosting the first Dev IRL Tel Aviv event with Ben Greenberg! (can you tag people here?)

There are few things I love more than planning events. Maybe cooking. They're both such excellent ways to pull a bunch of moving elements together and create something totally awesome!


Welcome! And yes! You can tag people here with this syntax @benhayehudi. @benhayehudi look forward to pics!!


Thanks @jess ! (for some reason I was expecting auto fill on the @ ?)

Oh yeah, that would be really nice. I think we have an issue open for that if someone wants to contribute!


Hiya all! I’m Alain, today in Sheffield tomorrow... probably in Sheffield again. I’m a proud dad and guitar player who became a developer because of a C64... currently I’m working as web team leader at TheFloow. I’m still eager to learn and share my experiences with the dev community


Hi all, I am newbie here. Excited to find this awesome platform in google(Just Awesome Articles). I am trying to start my career in this field.

I am confused whether should i start my career in C#,ASP.NET or Java Spring-boot?. Also, i don't have plan to do android programming. Looking for Suggestions.

Thank You:D


Welcome! Feel free to start a thread on the #help tag if you'd like to solicit some advice from the community.


Hey Everyone 👋

I'm Balázs from Hungary, living and working in The Netherlands

I have started to get more-and-more interested in software development, Cloud and DevOps a few years back, but never really had a laser-focus to develop my skills and myself in these domains.

Now I'm here to hold myself to a new promise; to make sure I can find a Cloud Engineer or DevOps Engineer job in 2020.

Planning to do that by learning a lot from the community and giving back too, while taking online courses and building fun personal projects.

Excited to be here and part of the community 🥳🤓


Hey folks 👋

I joined a while ago but I'm trying to step up my blog posting and want to become a part of this community 🎉 I'm based in Dublin, Ireland and am a very big Ember fan! If anyone is ever curious about Ember I will always have time for them 😂

I'm super into open source and when I'm not coding for work I tend to be coding in my free time contributing to a whole bunch of projects!

I look forward to chatting with a lot of you all!


Hi there! My name is Mauro from Rome, Italy. I really like coding and above all everything about Javascript and the Wordpress world. After 7 years working as a WP Developer (side hustle) I decided last year to properly learn to code and change career even though I'm 40 and probably old to do it. It doesn't really matter and I want to try the same, just to prove myself I can. I'm now learning React and on the road to find a new job in this industry.


Hi y'all! 👋

I'm a front-end developer and MSc student in product design from northern Sweden. I've been a hobby developer since 2011, but only recently got serious with it. This fall I'll begin my master's thesis project, hopefully in the field of UI/UX and front-end development (still looking for a company to collaborate with).

I've had a lot of other hobbies during the years as well, one of which is writing articles. I just published one on here as a matter of fact. Check it out if it sounds interesting to you! 👉 "Creating a website theme switcher with CSS only"

Really looking forward to spending some time in this community! 🙂


Hey Alexander!

Looks like a great first article. Thanks for sharing! Hope there are more to come!


I'm glad you appreciate it, Michael! For sure. Replies like these motivate me to share more, so thank you! 😌


Hey @all,

I am Alex from Hude (Germany). Born in Omsk (Russia). I am bilingual.
English is not my favourite language. Please excuse any errors on my part.

Currently I work as frontend developer with focus on Angular in the beautiful city Bremen.

The browser has now round about 50 tabs open with your posts. I am looking forward to read all of them.

My way to dev.to was an post of @codingunicorn . Thank you Julia.


hey, im a software engineer and reverse engineer, I self taught my self a lot of what i know about computers and reversing while growing up from a super early age.

I started to go to a community college and got burned out the first year. the work was honestly just way to easy and i wanted to be in the workforce now not later. so i put it on hold for a while and i went and joined the health case information tech field. It was a journey but i learned a lot and worked with some of the best companys in the industry, like toshiba, samsung. etc.

Sadly i do have a health condition i knew about that was getting worse and worse over time. and at the moment i'm taking a break from everything so i can focus on my health over the next 5 years possibly.

I can't wait for my return back to the tech industry, i bet so much will have changed by the time i end up back in a professional position!

But honestly, im down to make friends and contacts during this time, I'm personally from the Northen kentucky area!


Hey, my name is Blake. I live in Toronto, Canada and I'm just about to start my first dev job at Inkblot. I tend to focus on the front end and love slingin Javascript. Right now, I'm learning rails and hacking on a couple of side projects. Excited to meet people in the dev.to community!


Welcome! Inkblot is an awesome name for a company. Congrats on starting up at your first dev job!


Just started learning Python for my job and I hate it. The learning curve is brutal. I can't get the hang of the whole dictionary thing. I've been coding in HTML, CSS, JAVA, Objective C, C++, C# for a decade. Dabbled in FORTRAN for a summer and I fell in love with SQL last year and started mastery in that language this year.


Hey all! Bryan here and I'm new to dev.to as well. I'm from Singapore but based in Berlin now, working as a growth engineer. I used to be a fullstack developer with more weight towards the backend (Rails), but gradually made the shift fully over to the frontend as I switched jobs. Other than general web development, a lot of my work also involves the technical side of tracking, analytics and experimentation!


Hello everyone. I'm Lizette and I'm from Nigeria. I love programming, and not only because IT is the future but I've always wanted to know how things work right from when I was a kid. My biggest passion and focus right now is web development, mainly frontend I love HTML, CSS, JavaScript and web performance, UI and UX, though I'm still learning UX. Every time I finish a personal project: I always look forward to how to make it better than I did, my friends sometimes say I'm never satisfied with whatever I did with is through though no one is perfect but I'm working towards perfection. I have three mentors currently one is the person who really introduced me into the world of programming and have always believed in me his name is Joseph and then two popular ones on YouTube Travis Neilson and Kevin Powell.


Hi 👋

My name is KimSia and I'm from Singapore 🇸🇬.

How I got started in dev.to

Came across dev.to a few times during googling for answers in the past. Nothing at those times convinced me to look at dev.to longer.

Initially I thought this is just another me-too dev tutorial + community. Then I googled for vscode extensions materials and found some pretty good stuff that I cannot find elsewhere.

I changed my mind about dev.to

So I dug a bit more and am now listening to the realtalkjavascript.simplecast.fm/b... podcast where Ben Halpern was on.

Decided to take the plunge and follow a few topics. I like the design so far.

What I am interested in learning

I am interested in a range of topics such as vscode extensions, python, javascript, django, react, electron, deeplearning, aws, and database design.

I am also excited abt the new raspberry pi model 4. looking to get my hands on one towards end of year :)

What I'm doing

I run an independent software vendor (ISV) business.

I specialize in end-to-end business processes for telco, civil engineering, and construction companies.

Current main project is for telco equipment company managing their BOQ (Bill of Quantities) process from request all the way to acceptance.


Hello there! I'm Cindy! I'm interested in connecting with like-minded people, be of help and learn!.

I had worked in many of the areas that involve a software business, from development, implementation, planning, design, distribution, and more recently marketing, and I love every part of it!.

I think right now is just the perfect time to be a creator, and producing software that gives real value to people is awesome and rewarding. Like this platform that I just discovered!.

And the more I learn the possibilities we have with this skill and the new tech the more interested I'm in becoming a better coder/writer/person/creator, because that I love learning.

Cheers from Spain! -->This is my current location but I'm actually from Venezuela!.


Hey Everyone! My name is Demaris and I am a new Front End Developer. I found dev.to via google recommended articles. I am currently looking to gain more web dev skills. I’m comfortable with the basics HTML and CSS, and I’m working on mastering JavaScript before revisiting jQuery and React. I am working on a few projects while I look for a full-time position, so I can continue to progress in my code journey. I look forward to learn and advance my skills.


Hello, my name is Nikita and I am from Russia,Saint-Petersburg.
Software Engineer with more than 10 years experience, worked as Automation engineer for 8 years. Now I am creating new projects with wide range of equipment and technologies, SCADA systems, modernize existing automation pr