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Day 33 of 100 Days of Code & Scrum: Skeleton Layout for My Hero Banner

Greetings, everyone!

Today, I got to spend a lot of time working on my website as well as learning Next.js. I was also deciding on the layout and using other web development agencies as a reference. Either way, it was just a relatively smooth day for me.

Anyway, let's move on to my daily report!


I just reviewed some Next.js and Scrum concepts.


Here are the things I learned and worked on today:


  • I coded the hero banner skeleton layout for my homepage.
  • added a temporary hero banner message (most likely will replace later).
  • still contemplating on what kind of design the hero banner will have (color scheme, image, CTAs).
  • I decided I would just go for a single page MVP first, with everything on the homepage and then make other pages afterwards.


  • I did some practice flashcards for Scrum.
  • reviewed some of the things I've learned before.


  • I managed to squeeze in a little bit of Typescript by reading the handbook.

Have a good day, everyone!

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