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Day 17 of 100 Days of Code & Scrum: Finished My User Stories Guide

Good day, everyone!

I have pretty great news for today! I managed to finish my guide, The Art of Writing Agile User Stories. The intended target readers are beginners who want to get started on writing user stories for their own projects
and/or just to learn more about Scrum. Feel free to check it out!


I finished planning out my Weekly Goals and I also wrote most of the content for my user story guide.



I proofread, edited, and then posted my user story guide. I'm pretty content with the results for now, but it seems like there are still sections I can add and cleanup.

I hope everyone is doing well. Thank you for reading!

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This is not a guide, it is just me sharing my experiences and learnings. This post only expresses my thoughts and opinions (based on my limited knowledge) and is in no way a substitute for actual references. If I ever make a mistake or if you disagree, I would appreciate corrections in the comments!

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