Teach Writing Code First

Beekey Cheung

My first professional programming experience

Janez Čadež

programming software-development tech first-job
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What it Means to Rush

πŸ”Š Developer Tea

Have you ever been fired? What happened?

Ben Halpern


Utilizing the β€œC” in CSS

Azin Asili

css front-end-development sass

The Art of Defensive Programming

Diego Mariani

php software-development oop code-quality

Sympathy for the developer

Ka Wai Cheung

programming art

Convergence with Haseeb Qureshi

πŸ”Š Software Engineering Daily

Tuning Linux servers for scalability

Madhur Ahuja

Bits, Bytes, Building With Binary

Vaidehi Joshi

computer-science binary fundamentals

What Elm and Rust Teach us About the Future

Martin Černý

rust elm immutable type-inference

OPSoletes: Are Sysadmins/Ops becoming things of the past?

Olivier Bierlaire

devops aws cloud auto-scaling-group

Forgotten Empires, amazing games - Age of Empires is back with Bert Beeckman

πŸ”Š Hanselminutes

Rituals of Shaming in the Software Industry

Pavneet Singh Saund

programming software-development empathy shame

A writer walks into a design studio… 6 traits you need to succeed when you join a UX team

Sarah M. Smart

What computer science concepts should devs without a CS background prioritize learning?

Ben Halpern


React Reconciliation

Ryan Bas

react diffing reconciliation virtual-dom
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100: Nouns You Can Verb

πŸ”Š The Bike Shed

A Developer Story: Krish Dholakiya

Gerald Nash

software-development open-source interview mobile-development

Adventures in Yak Shaving: AsciiDoc with Visual Studio Code, Ruby, and Gem

Matthew D. Groves

ruby visual-studio

Fun with Console object

Hiền VưƑng

javascript console devtool

Convert MySQL with Elasticsearch Using MySQLWithElasticsearch Package

Ahmed Khan

elasticsearch connect-mysql-with-elasticsearch
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System Vs. Will Power

πŸ”Š Developer Tea

The Empathic Programmer

Daniel Westheide

programming diversity inclusion

What interesting API are you using? Please share!

Jess Lee


Cache Me If You Can

Kenneth R Hancock

python django

Writing safer C with Clang address sanitizer

Charles Francoise

c memory clang address-sanitizer

MJS #006: Dennis Ushakov

πŸ”Š JavaScript Jabber

3 Effective Ways to Maintain High Energy Levels at Work for Software Engineers

Moran Danieli-Cohen

software-development personal-development

Overcoming My Fear of Coding


coding learning newcomer technology

6 Common API Errors

Heitor Tashiro Sergent

api testing monitoring

How do you onboard new developers?

Ben Halpern


AiA MAS 006 Uri Shaked and Angular Development

πŸ”Š Adventures in Angular

Lazy Loaded React Components With Webpack 2


optimization react bundling

Implementing Time Series in MongoDB

Riccardo Cardin

mongodb database nosql time-series