How to make your time at a Coding Bootcamp work for you after you’ve left — An honest, yet optimistic guide.

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Pablo Rivera

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podcastEpisode 2: March 23, 2017


Web Maker: Preventing Infinite Loops

Kushagra Gour

How NOT to succeed in your 45-minute coding interview

Fahim ul Haq

Setup JavaScript IDE on Pi 3

Joshua Lunsford

A Small EC2 Instance Can Handle HN Front Page

Mo Bitar

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podcastWhy You Should Evaluate How You're Spending Your Mental Energy

Developer Tea

The importance of documenting things

Bartosz Mikulski

Node.js Yarning for Local Packages

Liran Tal

Using Docker Compose Entrypoint To Check if Postgres is Running

Kelly Andrews

My Way of (Purely Functional) Programming


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podcastEpisode 53: Bait and Switch and Informing Your Manager

Soft Skills Engineering

A Rubyist's Guide to Postgresql's Explain

evie caldwell-horne

The slightly weird tools on my machine

Adam Brandizzi

Google Spreadsheets and Ruby

Phil Nash

Spring Boot: Hello World, Kotlin

Nicky Mølholm


podcastFailure Injection with Kolton Andrus

Software Engineering Daily

What's the best career decision you've ever made?

Ben Halpern

The benefits of Component Driven Web Development

Fredrik Söderquist

How to Politely Ask for Help from Open-source Contributors and Maintainers

Abdul Malik Ikhsan

Github Issues: Helping without committing.

Daniel Cherubini


podcaststdlib, Nodal, NtSeq, and the Future of FaaS with Keith Horwood

MS Dev Show

The web share API

Phil Nash

Google Can Now Separate Humans from Bots Using Invisible Powers of AI

Geordy James

Writing a Book as a Programmer

Engin Arslan

Onboarding New Developers

Jason C. McDonald

To be continuous 1024x1024

podcastEp. #30, How To Interview

To Be Continuous

Oh Bootstrap, I'll Never Leave You Again

Patrick Krebs

The Fine Art of the Webpack 2 Config

Alexander Flenniken

Saving Commit Templates using Git Extensions

Pandiyan Murugan

Nevertheless, Jess Coded

Jess Shortt


podcastSoftware Psychology with Bjorn Freeman Benson

Software Engineering Daily

The "Not My Problem" Problem with Bugs

Vicky Harp

Shell Scripts Matter