How PHP Will Fare In 2017?


What activities do you do to take your mind off of software?

Ben Halpern

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Discovered in 2016

πŸ”Š Toolsday

Use Docker for integration testing

Graham Cox

docker test 100daysofcode

Rituals of Shaming in the Software Industry

Pavneet Singh Saund

programming software-development empathy shame

The Zen of Missing Out on The Next Great Programming Tool

Ben Halpern

DOM elements with ID's are global variables

Andrew Buntine

javascript dom browsers

Speech to Text in 2017 with

πŸ”Š Hanselminutes

What personal privacy/security measures do you take?

Ben Halpern

security questions privacy encryption

Running Docker from Grunt

Graham Cox

node docker 100daysofcode grunt

Higher Order With Context


javascript react refactoring testing

Certificate Pinning in Android

Marcos Placona

security android androiddev ssl

AiA My Angular Story #001: Tero Parviainen

πŸ”Š Adventures in Angular

Dev Tools Tricks: Store objects and elements as variables in the console

Phil Nash

dev-tools chrome firefox

What are your tips for avoiding burnout?

Ben Halpern


Building a conference registration app step-by-step using Bolt CMS

Martin Betz

php tutorial cms bolt

Continuous Delivery using feature toggle

Samuele Resca

agile featuretoggle lean continuosdelivery

JSJ My JS Story #001: Keith Horwood

πŸ”Š JavaScript Jabber

When to make a Git Commit

Jason McCreary


Why I like Maven

Graham Cox

java 100daysofcode maven

On Getting Old(er) in Tech

Don Denoncourt

developers career-advice skills

What are your must-read programming books?

Ben Halpern


RR 293 Packaging Ruby with Nell Shamrell-Harrington

πŸ”Š Ruby Rogues

A Mentor's Crossroad

Theresa Luu


The psychological battle of big refactorings

Ka Wai Cheung

What is the next language you want to learn, and why?

Ben Halpern


Headache as a service: Things to consider before taking on service dependencies

Ben Halpern

100daysofcode dependencies saas

Inferno with Dominic Gannaway

πŸ”Š Software Engineering Daily

Generate PDF invoices from Markdown using Pandoc

Martin Betz

markdown pdf pandoc invoice

Let’s talk about Dysfunctional Programmers

Sarunas Savicianskas

tech web-development startup product-development

Multithreading in Java for dummies (part 1)

Raúl Ávila

java concurrency multithreading

React Interview Questions

Tyler McGinnis

javascript react

Episode 201 | Janet Gregory - Inspired Question Asker

πŸ”Š Developer on Fire

Technical Debt

Beekey Cheung

Bringing live REPL functionality to posts

Ben Halpern

100daysofcode meta features