How Not to Screw Up Your DevOps Interview

George Offley

Leaf It Up To Binary Trees

Vaidehi Joshi

computer-science data-structures binary-trees
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What it Means to Rush

πŸ”Š Developer Tea

A Real-World Example Of "Duck Typing" In Ruby

Tariq Ali

ruby duck-typing

Automating Your Node Workflow with Gulp and Nodemon


javascript node nodemon gulp

Moving from Heroku to Linode: Part 1

Patrick Krebs

rails linux hosting server

The peace of not coding

Jon StΓΈdle

programming coding

Convergence with Haseeb Qureshi

πŸ”Š Software Engineering Daily

Manage content with web components

Tyler Warnock

javascript html web-development web-components

Where Should Tests Live?

Richard Feldman

tests testing questions

Icons, Python, and Ubuntu

Jason C. McDonald

python programming ubuntu icons

We've Decided to go With Someone With More Experience

George Offley

developer interviewing rejection

Forgotten Empires, amazing games - Age of Empires is back with Bert Beeckman

πŸ”Š Hanselminutes

React-navigation with redux and immutable.js

Gustavo Machado

Javascript Promise Chaining & Error Handling

Aziz Khambati

javascript es6 promises error

Nothing Kills a Product Like Ego

Jan-Lk Else

Create Static Sites With Webpack


webpack bundling building static
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100: Nouns You Can Verb

πŸ”Š The Bike Shed

User Tests Will Make You a Better Developer

April Wensel

design agile empathy ux

Setting up tests in GitLab CI for Django project with Docker Engine

Konstantin Pavlovsky

You are not a real developer

Arve Solland

programming developer pragmatism

Are you attending any conferences soon? Which ones?!

Ben Halpern

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System Vs. Will Power

πŸ”Š Developer Tea

Event Replaying with Hazelcast Jet

Dominic Fox

java-8 streams hazelcast hazelcast-jet

How to Remote


culture do-this-not-that remote

A closer look at git rebase

Jason McCreary


Do you hate JavaScript?

David Neal

javascript programming software-development nodejs

MJS #006: Dennis Ushakov

πŸ”Š JavaScript Jabber

The obligation of a software developer


How To Not Be Stumped By Trees

Vaidehi Joshi

computer-science data-structures

Buggy Software, Loyal Users: Why Bug Reporting is Key To User Retention

Itamar Turner-Trauring

design testing bugs

A matter of class β€” examining the class construct in JavaScript

Andrea Chiarelli

javascript oop class inheritance

AiA MAS 006 Uri Shaked and Angular Development

πŸ”Š Adventures in Angular

What side projects are you currently working on and how can others be of help? (Feb 15)

Ben Halpern


Stuck and Growing!

Kasey Codes