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Daily Challenge #299 - Time to Grille!

A grille cipher was a technique for encrypting plaintext by writing it onto a sheet of paper through a pierced sheet. The earliest known use is from the mathematician Girolamo Cardano in 1550. His proposal was for a rectangular stencil allowing single letters, syllables, or words to be written, then later read. The written fragments of the plaintext could be further disguised by filling the gaps between the fragments with benign words or letters.


Write a function that accepts two inputs: message and code. Code is a non-negative integer and should be converted to binary. Overlay the code converted to binary and the message to reveal the result.


Grille("abcdef", 5)  => "df"

* convert 5 to binary:

* overlay message and code:
message : abcdef
code    : 000101
result  : df
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Grille("0abc", 2)

Grille("abcde", 32)

Grille("abcd", 1)

Good luck!

This challenge comes from dcieslak on CodeWars. Thank you to CodeWars, who has licensed redistribution of this challenge under the 2-Clause BSD License!

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_bkeren profile image


const dec2bin = dec => (dec >>> 0).toString(2);

const Grille = (message, code) => {
  const codeToBinary= dec2bin(code).padStart(message.length, "0")
  return codeToBinary.split("")
    .map((binaryLetter, index) => binaryLetter === "1" ? index : '')
    .map(index => message.charAt(index)).join("")

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celyes profile image
Ilyes Chouia • Edited

This is the solution in PHP, but I'm not sure if it's 100% correct since there aren't enough test cases and the test cases provided above don't have the result so they're pretty much useless.
anyway, here's my attempt:

function grille($message, $code)
    $letters = '';
    $code = array_filter(str_split(sprintf("%06d", decbin($code))), function($x) {
        return $x == 1;
    $code = array_keys($code);
    foreach(str_split($message) as $index => $letter){
        if(in_array($index, $code)){
            $letters .= $letter;
    return $letters;
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peter279k profile image

Here is the simple solution with Python:

def grille(message, code):
    bin_number = bin(code)[2:]
    bin_number_len = len(bin_number)

    if len(message) <= 1:
        return ''
    if len(message) > bin_number_len:
        bin_number = ('0' * (len(message) - bin_number_len)) + bin_number

    index = 0
    result = ''
    while index < len(message):
        if bin_number[index] == '1':
            result += message[index]
        index += 1

    if len(message) < bin_number_len:
        if len(result) == len(message):
            return result
            return ''

    return result

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agtoever profile image

Python 3-liner with test cases and TIO link.
Apart from some type conversions, itertools.compress does the job.

import itertools
filterlist = lambda value, length: map(int, bin(value)[2:].zfill(length))
grille = lambda string, grille: ''.join(itertools.compress(string, filterlist(grille, len(string))))

cases = [
    ('abcdef', 5),
    ('0abc', 2),
    ('abcde', 32),
    ('abcd', 1)
for case in cases:
    print(f'grille{case} has filter {list(filterlist(case[1], len(case[0])))} and outcome: {grille(*case)}')
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Try it online!

rafaacioly profile image
Rafael Acioly • Edited

Scala solution

def grille(text: String, code: Int) = {
  val letters = text.split("")
  val digits =

  val res = letters.toList.reverse.zipAll(digits, 0, 0)

  (res collect { case (i, v) if v != 0 => i }).mkString("")
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biancapower profile image
Bianca Power


def grille(message, code)
  output = ""

  # convert code to binary
  binary_code = code.to_s(2)

  # prepend the appropriate number of zeros to match length of message
  while message.length > binary_code.length

  # combine messages and binary_code into a hash
  arrays_hash = Hash[message.split("").zip(binary_code.split(""))]

  # if the value is 1, add the key to the output string
  arrays_hash.each do |k, v|
    if v == "1"
      output << k

  return output
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wheatup profile image
Hao • Edited

Another JavaScript solution, using binary operations:

const Grille = (str, bin) => [...str].filter((_, i) => 1 << (str.length-i-1) & bin).join('');
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bugb profile image
bugb • Edited

JS solution

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