This Week in Code, November 14th

Ben Halpern

Data Driven Development/Lean Programming


software-development agile project-management
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What it Means to Rush

πŸ”Š Developer Tea

Why I Switch From [Language_1] to [Language_2]

Tariq Ali

Dynamic Imports With Webpack 2


javascript bundling building

On fixing a favicon

Phil Nash

open-source favicon

What are your thoughts on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Ben Halpern


Convergence with Haseeb Qureshi

πŸ”Š Software Engineering Daily

Iterative Development as Discovery


programming software-development

Playing catch-up

Emily Claire Reese

learning code education

How to dockerize a hapijs application

Joseph Jude

docker hapijs

My personal take on TDD

Graham Cox

tdd testing 100daysofcode

Forgotten Empires, amazing games - Age of Empires is back with Bert Beeckman

πŸ”Š Hanselminutes

Don’t document your code. Code your documentation.

Dani Morillas

programming software-development software clean-code

Modern dev/test/prod environments using Docker Compose

David Virtser

docker tech devops

Efficiency and Effectiveness in Software Development Teams

Pavneet Singh Saund

pair-programming agile teams mob-programming

7 Best Practices for JSON Web Tokens

Neil Madden

security jwt json
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100: Nouns You Can Verb

πŸ”Š The Bike Shed

Java is Unsound: The Industry Perspective

Ross Tate

scala java oop computer-science

A Developer Story: Rohan Kapur

Gerald Nash

ios open-source tech interview

What tools do you use for CI/CD? Past experiences, recommendations?

Kelly Andrews

devops questions continuous-integration continuous-deployment

We Left Clojure. Here's 5 Things I'll Miss.

Max Veytsman

ruby clojure programming
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System Vs. Will Power

πŸ”Š Developer Tea

Database seeding/access for acceptance testing

Graham Cox

testing 100daysofcode

3 benefits of using Immutable Objects

Diego Mariani

php oop software-engineering immutable

What’s the most interesting new or upcoming browser feature?

Ben Halpern


A framework for learning for programmers

Joseph Jude


MJS #006: Dennis Ushakov

πŸ”Š JavaScript Jabber

Explain waterfall project management, why did it fall out of style?

Ben Halpern


What’s your favorite tool or library that few others have heard of?

Ben Halpern


Higher Order Components and Context Example


javascript react refactor

Describe your typical work day.

Ben Halpern


AiA MAS 006 Uri Shaked and Angular Development

πŸ”Š Adventures in Angular

Global Git Ignores

Graham Cox

git 100daysofcode

Abstraction for the sake of Abstraction

Forest Hoffman

javascript automation testing