A toast to ES2015 destructuring

Why use static types in JavaScript? (Part 1)

Preethi Kasireddy

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podcastEpisode 2: March 23, 2017


Software Imagineering

Joshua Nelson

Your Guide to testing in Ruby on Rails 5

Rob Race

Implementing SOLID REST API using ASP.NET Core

Samuele Resca

How do .NET delegates work?

Matt Warren

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podcastWhy You Should Evaluate How You're Spending Your Mental Energy

Developer Tea

Setup OSX for R

Bhaskar Karambelkar

The Government Can't Code

Gerald Nash

How to use Twitter’s Search REST API most effectively.

Bhaskar Karambelkar

How about a refactorthon?

Ka Wai Cheung

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podcastEpisode 53: Bait and Switch and Informing Your Manager

Soft Skills Engineering

Prevent Bot attack in your site by using new Google reCAPTCHA

Geordy James

Embrace How Random the Programming Interview Is

Ben Halpern

Modern dev/test/prod environments using Docker Compose

David Virtser

Privacy is Power

Mo Bitar


podcastFailure Injection with Kolton Andrus

Software Engineering Daily

Grid Unlock: Using a simulation in Python to demonstrate a faster way to walk

Walker Harrison

The easiest way to add Stripe payments in your app, website or elsewhere


Send messages when you’re back online with Service Workers and Background Sync

Phil Nash

A mythical full stack developer



podcaststdlib, Nodal, NtSeq, and the Future of FaaS with Keith Horwood

MS Dev Show

The Tools Of The JS Trade


How to make your time at a Coding Bootcamp work for you after you’ve left — An honest, yet optimistic guide.

Jeanette Adelson

SQL Server for Linux: How to Move a Database From One Docker Container to Another

David Neal

Creating stunning charts with Vue.js and Chart.js

Jakub Juszczak

To be continuous 1024x1024

podcastEp. #30, How To Interview

To Be Continuous

The Privacy Revolution that never came

Mo Bitar

The Hierarchy of Complexity for Conditionals

clay shentrup

Here’s What You Can Learn In 10 Minutes That Will Be Useful For The Rest Of Your Programming Career

Ken Mazaika

What inverts in the dependency inversion principle?

Rui Figueiredo


podcastSoftware Psychology with Bjorn Freeman Benson

Software Engineering Daily

How a Hackathon appreciates quality code

Joost Visser

State.of.dev: visualization of the current state of development

Yvo Schaap