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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #157 - Multiplayer Is Here

Issue #157 - Multiplayer Is Here

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Issue #157 - Multiplayer Is Here

Unity's multiplayer solution as arrived. Check out the samples, tips and a lot more. Enjoy!

Announcing new tools for multiplayer development in Unity - As of today, developers have access to Netcode for GameObjects (NGO) 1.0, going hand in hand with the new Multiplayer Solutions from Unity Gaming Services, including Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) and Matchmaker. These tools, combined with our samples and guides, will accelerate your multiplayer game development with Unity.
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What it Takes to Make a Game by Yourself - The short answer is perseverance, skills and the ability to teach yourself new ones, creative problem solving, learning from mistakes, and a looot of time. That's my take anyway. Read on if you're curious where I'm coming from!

On Minecraft Ugliness - When did you first discover Minecraft, and what did you think the gameplay would be judging by the visuals?
The Arcade Artificer

Sand Balls Mechanics Implementation: The Best Way To Deform A Mesh In Unity — Part II: MeshData And Optimization - In this post, we will continue to learn how to deform a mesh in Unity using a real-world example. You will learn how to use MeshData API and then it will be compared to other techniques from the previous post. We will check each approach by using performance testing to find the fastest one. In addition, we will address issues raised before based on test results to achieve a smoother user experience. [ICYMI: Part 1]

Some more advanced shader questions - I have a few questions regarding shaders and I hope some use people with more experience can help me out. So without further ado, here they are [answers in thread]

10 things all successful assets have in common - Who hasn’t gotten rejected at least once? In the Unity Asset Store submission process, rejections can be especially tough after you’ve poured your heart and soul into building a new asset pack. To help ensure your next asset submission is successful and quickly released on the Asset Store, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 tips that cover the essentials of successful asset submissions (but that can be easy to overlook).

Unity 2022.1.17 - Unity versions 2022.1.17 and 2023.1.0a11 have been released.


Unity OFFICIAL Multiplayer is FINALLY HERE!
Unity OFFICIAL Multiplayer is FINALLY HERE! - It's finally here! Unity Official Multiplayer is fully released! Netcode for GameObjects is now in 1.0 with very detailed documentation and a bunch of awesome samples.
Code Monkey

Unity VFX Graph - Spawn Effect Tutorial - In this Unity tutorial we are going to create a Sci-Fi inspired Spawn effect with Unity Visual Effect Graph. We are going to use Blender for the 3D Models and Krita for a couple of quick textures. Enjoy!
Gabriel Aguiar Prod.

The Complete Damage Pop-Up Text Tutorial for Beginners (Unity VRoid) - In this video, you'll learn everything you need to know about making damage pop-ups in Unity. This tutorial is for absolute beginners and advanced users alike!
ReForge Mode - Unity Tutorials

How to create Dashed line in Unity - In this video we will create a dashed line in unity using a custom shader. We will be using the Universal Render Pipeline and a Shader graph to create it. It works for any line renderer!
Sunny Valley Studio

Making UI sprite animation | Unity Tutorial - This video will show you how to animated UI just like 2d Animation.
Xwin Studio


Unity Tools Bundle
Unity Tools Bundle - - _(Promotion Extended) _The ultimate Unity game creator’s kit.
Build the game you’re envisioning with this massive bundle of versatile tools for Unity, the world’s leading platform for real-time content creation! Featuring more than two dozen utilities, systems, and other assets built with game creators in mind, this bundle will help you:

  • Design levels faster and build 2D and 3D worlds more efficiently
  • Manage animation and motion more easily
  • Create effects ranging from lighting to weather-filled skies
  • Add systems for dialogue, destruction, and more And many more…

Whether you’re dreaming of building a role-playing game, top-down shooter, or sci-fi mech sim, this bundle will help you turn your vision into a reality—all while supporting Gameheads!
Assets included:

Unity Simple Spell Check - Unity simple spell check provides a fast and easy way to evaluate text in your game for basic spelling errors. It uses a local dictionary and allows for advanced configuration.
ashblue Open Source

PrefsGUI - Accessors and GUIs for persistent preference values using a JSON file.
fuqunaga Open Source

Active-LT: Stateless Behavior Trees for Unity - This package offers stateless behavior trees for Unity, and is a light version of the Active Logic asset available from the Unity Asset Store.
active-logic Open Source

Dream Textures - Stable Diffusion built-in to the Blender shader editor. Create textures, concept art, background assets, and more with a simple text prompt. Use the 'Seamless' option to create textures that tile perfectly with no visible seam. Quickly create variations on an existing texture. Experiment with AI image generation. Run the models on your machine to iterate without slowdowns from a service.
carson-katri Open Source

Kataru The minimal dialogue system written in Rust. Now ported to Unity. - Unity integration for Kataru, the minimal interactive dialogue language.
kataru-lang Open Source

Fluid Dialogue - A Unity dialogue system that features an easy to use drag and drop graph. ScriptableObject driven with the ability to write custom actions and conditions to create complex dialogue workflows.
ashblue Open Source

WebGL optimizer (FREE) - The purpose of this package is to help you optimize your game by reducing the build size and increasing the performance. At the moment, it is targeted at WebGL games.
CrazyGames Affiliate

Modular AI (FREE) - Modular AI is a highly customizable visual behaviour design tool for use both in the editor and during runtime.
Kitbashery Affiliate

Audio FX Toolkit (FREE) - The Audio FX Toolkit is a collection of classes and example scripts that allow you to create your own audio effects.
BlueShiftCollaborative Affiliate

Unity-Mirror-Helper-Scripts - A collection of helper scripts for (Unity3d) Mirror networking.
Goodgulf281 Open Source

Unity Plane Mesh Splitter - A simple tool which lets you split any mesh into smaller submeshes. At first it was designed to work with imported Tiled2Unity terrains, but I rewrote it to work with everything you can throw at it.
artnas Open Source

Grid Mesh - Create a procedural mesh-based grid for your cool Unity 3D project.
Volorf Open Source

KlakMath - An extension library for Unity Mathematics.
keijiro Open Source

UIComponents - The goal of UIComponents is to ease the creation of reusable components when working with Unity's new UIToolkit system. It offers ways to load UXML and USS files automatically, and decouple your UI code from other systems via dependency injection.
jonisavo Open Source

AutoScreen for Unity2021 - AutoScreen provides a smart solution for Safe Area in Unity. Unity's Device Simulator has a lot of information about Safe Area, but there is no feature to use them to support Safe Areas or to preview them comfortably in the Unity Editor.
su10 Open Source

UnitySQLiteAsync - UnitySQLiteAsync is asynchronous SQLite-net support for Unity.
kdw9502 Open Source

Lightspeed - Coding Utility Library for Unity - Coding extensions library: New basic datatypes, static helper methods and extensions on Unity datatypes.
Rhinox-Training Open Source

Lex - Lex is a high performance c # framework based on LeoEcsLite with a more user-friendly api
SinyavtsevIlya Open Source

Synty Studios Publisher Sale - Synty Studios is a dedicated asset publisher that makes incredible, stylized art packs for game developers. Their low-poly packages are fun, easy-to-use, and with over 70 art packs, covering themes like City, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and more, they are great for beginners to start prototyping. Customers can get up to 50% off select stylized art packs! Additionally, Synty is offering two packs as Flash Deals at 70% off, POLYGON Construction - Low Poly 3D Art and POLYGON Sci-Fi Space - Low Poly 3D Art. The Flash Deals will be available at 50% off when they sell out.
Unity Affiliate

Level Up And Learn Programming Games Bundle - Explore the FUN-damentals of coding and computing. Challenge your brain and have a blast learning with these acclaimed logic and puzzle games exploring the key concepts of programming, AI, and machine learning! Build a neural network to communicate with cats in while True: learn(). Automate office workers and create a living CPU in the award-winning Human Resource Machine and its acclaimed follow-up 7 Billion Humans. Build a feline Learning Factory on Mars, become a hacker in EXAPUNKS, and learn something new in process—all while supporting Carbonfund!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Unity Art Bundle - Characters, environments, music, SFX, and artists’ tools galore Bring your game to life with this bundle of incredible art assets & artists’ tools—specifically curated for Unity creators! Featuring characters, environmental elements, SFX, music, animations, and prefabs, this library of thousands of assets and creative utilities will help you realize game worlds for a wide range of genres. Included: Quibli: Anime Shaders and Tools MSRP: $60, POLYGON Dungeons - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty MSRP: $79.99, Total Music Collection MSRP: $135, Monsters Ultimate Pack 02 Cute Series MSRP: $159.90, Ultimate Sound FX Bundle MSRP: $19.99, Meadow Environment - Dynamic Nature MSRP: $50, Boing Kit: Dynamic Bouncy Bones, Grass, and More MSRP: $60, Toon Fantasy Nature MSRP: $48, ProPixelizer MSRP: $25, Forest animals MSRP: $200, Party Monster Rumble PBR MSRP: $25, Eternal Temple MSRP: $45, Quirky Series - Animals Mega Pack Vol.1 MSRP: $89, Quirky Series - Animals Mega Pack Vol.2 MSRP: $89, Underwater FX MSRP: $25, Monster Sounds Pack MSRP: $19.99, Character Creator 2D MSRP: $30, Magica Cloth MSRP: $25, Footsteps Sound Pack MSRP: $19.99, Basic Motions MSRP: $18, BIRDS PACK MSRP: $54.99, Little Dragons: Tiger MSRP: $39.99, Pixelate MSRP: $20, Map Graph MSRP: $49.99, RPG VFX Bundle MSRP: $48, Brute Force - Snow & Ice Shader MSRP: $19.99, Seamless Texture Generator MSRP: $5.99, and a 10% Off Coupon for the Unity Asset Store
Humble Bundle Affiliate


How wholesome game Aka stood out on Twitter
How wholesome game Aka stood out on Twitter - Cosmo Gatto, the Vancouver-based indie studio behind upcoming, open-world farming game, Aka, won the Indie CommUnity Choice Award at this year’s gamescom. We interviewed Namra, the studio’s lead developer, to learn more about the inspiration for Aka and how it grabbed the attention of the gaming community.

[You can wishlist it on Steam and follow them on Twitter]
Cosmo Gatto

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