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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #67 - The Re-create Issue

Issue #67 - The Re-create Issue

Issue #67 - The Re-create Issue

A little late this friday, but better late than never. Enjoy the latest content!

New Unity Input System: Getting Started - In this Unity Input System tutorial, you’ll learn how to convert player input in your existing projects from the old Input Manager to the new Input System.

Unity For Humanity Summit 2020 - The Unity for Humanity Summit is a free, two-day online event that brings together creators, activists, nonprofits, funders, philanthropists, and brands who are harnessing real-time 3D technology to power social impact and real-world change.

Unity Game Growth Program: Tips & Tricks - In this post, I will list some tips and tricks that I learned while applying my game Puzzimals to the Unity Game Growth Program.

Creating an InventoryItem EditorWindow - This series of blog posts will be devoted to the creation of an InventoryItem editor, using some of the skills taught in the first section of the RPG: Dialogues and Questing 2 course. It relies on the code taught in the RPG:Inventory Systems course.

Unity Releases - Unity versions 2021.1.0 Alpha 2 and 2020.2.0 Beta 8 have been released.


The Diablo 3 VFX Shader with Unity. [Shadergraph and Amplify]
The Diablo 3 VFX Shader with Unity. [Shadergraph and Amplify] - In this tutorial we're using both shadergraph and amplify shader editor to build a Diablo 3 inspired VFX shader, based on a GDC talk by Julian Love from 2013 where he describes a magical "blend add shader".

How AppQuantum used GameTune to optimize their game | Unite Now 2020 - GameTune is Unity’s machine learning product for optimizing games and player experiences. In this video, AppQuantum's Product team walks you through their GameTune implementation and shares their learnings and best practices.

Scripting Improvements in Unity 2019 LTS & 2020.1 - In this video, we compiled the most recent Scripting Improvements from Unity 2019 LTS and 2020.1

Skeleton Crew: Empowering designers with modular game design | Unite Now 2020 - For upcoming gothic platformer Skeleton Crew, a modular approach to components, scriptable objects, and Unity events was key. In this video, Cinder Cone’s Lawrence Bishop digs into how this modular approach empowered designers and facilitated co-op multiplayer integration.

Version Control for games with Unity's Plastic SCM | Unite Now 2020 - Does your team need better version control? Learn about one of the newest members of the Unity family, Plastic SCM – an industry-leading version control solution for any team, any industry, and any engine.

Geometry Shaders Made Easy If You've Only Written Shader Graphs! Unity URP | Game Dev Tutorial - Geometry shaders are special shaders that can add, remove, and modify mesh triangles from the GPU, allowing you to create efficient deformation effects and procedurally constructed models. You can use them for grass, fur, wireframes, particles and more. These shaders, unfortunately, cannot be written in a shader graph, so I'll walk you through writing one in code!
Ned Makes Games

I Remake my Favorite Mobile Game in 5 Days! - Lately I started play BulletEcho on my mobile device and it is a great game with cool mechanics, and I can say it is my new favorite mobile game for the time.

How To Animate Characters In Unity 3D | Animation Layers Explained - Learn the fundamentals of animating characters with Unity's animation layers, and understand how & why it all works!
Nicky B

Procedural Punch to Target Animation (Unity 2020) - HOw would you like to know how to animate a character to always punch toward any target in a scene? How to pick up any object they can reach? You dont want to use a canned animation because the scene placement maybe off a little. A solution is to mix the canned animation with a procedural one. Mic the canned animation with an Implementation of real-time inverse kinematics in Unity using the animation rigging package.
Omar Santiago

Unity Tutorial - Sculpt, Texture & Paint Assets on the Mesh - You will learn how to sculpt the mesh, paint textures, vertex colors, and scatter assets on any mesh in Unity 2020 using Polybrush which is a part of Unity now!

Re-created Sombra Hacking Logo Visual Effect Using Shader Graph in Unity Engine - In this video we will show how to re-create Sombra hack logo visual effect using Shader Graph in Unity engine.
Binary Lunar

Unity VFX Graph - Loot Drop Effect Tutorial - Today's project is Loot Drop effects in 5 levels of importance. They are made with only 1 VFX Graph which is super useful. There's also a Loot Box tutorial:
Gabriel Aguiar Prod.


Mega Bundle X Unity Sale
Mega Bundle X Unity Sale - You can save more than 90% off three curated sets of powerful tools and assets from October 21, through November 11. Mega Bundles
$9.99 Bundle - save up to 93%
This bundle contains: The Combat Collection PRO edition, Fantasy Horde - Orc, GOLEM, Low Poly Micro Monster Pack, and Oak Trees Package.

$24.99 Bundle - save up to 93%
This bundle contains everything from the $9.99 bundle, plus Frozen GUI Pack, Top-Down Assets, PoolManager, UI - Builder, and Tower Defense Toolkit 4 (TDTK-4).

$35.99 Bundle - save up to 95%
This bundle contains everything from the $9.99 and $24.99 bundles, plus Procedural UI Image, SUIMONO Water System, SimpleSQL, Script Inspector 3, Vectrosity, UniStorm - Volumetric Clouds, Sky, Modular Weather, and Cloud Shadows, Edy's Vehicle Physics, Master Audio: AAA Sound, EasyRoads3D Pro v3, and Toon Racing.
Unity Affiliate

HUMBLE ULTIMATE FANTASY GAME DEVELOPMENT BUNDLE - We've teamed up with Infinity PBR for our newest bundle! Get top-quality character assets like Dragons, Humans, Armor, a complete Lock-picking set, Spiders, and Mimics & more. Built for Unity and Unreal, these packs come with mesh morphing, concept art, custom sound effects, re-mixable music and Substance Painter source files for customizing textures. Plus, your purchase will support and World Land Trust!

Humble Bundle Affiliate

Custom Hierarchy for Unity [free] - Hi, I’m Febucci and I’ve created this package to help having a clearer Hierarchy in Unity, organizing everything in a “tree view” and including extra informations like Components Icons and groups/divisors.
febucci Open Source

Mathfs - Expanded Math Functionality for Unity. Features:

  • Intersection tests (Rays/LineSegments/Lines/Circles)
  • 2D Angle helpers (AngToDir, DirToAng...)
  • 2D Vector extension methods (Rotate90CCW/CW, Rotate, RotateAround...)
  • Trajectory Math helpers (GetLaunchSpeed, GetMaxRange, TryGetLaunchAngles...)
  • Quadratic & Linear Root finders
  • Remap functions
  • Added Tau and the Golden Ratio
  • Vector extension methods (WithMagnitude, ClampMagnitude(min,max)...)
  • Expanded basic math operations to vectors (Clamp, Round, Abs...)
  • Color extensions (WithAlpha, MultiplyRGB...)
  • Smoothing functions (Smooth01, SmoothCos01...)
  • Triangle Math helpers (SignedArea, Circumcenter, Incircle...)
  • Circle Math helpers (Area, Circumference...)
  • All functions use radians
  • And more! FreyaHolmer Open Source - This bash script opens a Unity project from the command line. I wrote this because I needed to redirect Unity's logs to a known, sane place, and not lose them every time Unity crashed or restarted. It kinda grew from there.
It can autodetect what the current build target is for a project, what Unity version is it set to, what Unity versions you have installed on your system, and it will try its best to open a project with the correct settings. It will also redirect Unity logs to a Logs folder in the project, and rotate them on every run, so no loga are ever lost.
shana Open Source

ConeCastAll extension method - A Unity3d ConeCastAll extension method for the Physics class. Use this to find colliders within a cone-shaped volume. It uses SphereCastAll, which is like a RayCast tube, but then it uses Vector3.Angle to filter out hitpoints according to a cone.
walterellisfun Open Source

ShortcutLevelLoader.cs - Cycles through build scenes directly in the editor. Loads scenes in Unity according to their build order, using 'Shift' and left and right arrow keys.
SiarheiPilat Open Source

URP_GrassGeometryShader - Example of a Grass Geometry Shader for Unity, Universal Render Pipeline. Based on
Cyanilux Open Source


The makers of Skeleton Crew reveal details of upcoming beta in exclusive Creator Spotlight session
The makers of Skeleton Crew reveal details of upcoming beta in exclusive Creator Spotlight session - Today Unity is thrilled to premiere our Creator Spotlight series with an in-depth conversation with Cinder Cone, the studio behind the highly anticipated upcoming gothic platformer Skeleton Crew.

Set against the backdrop of a gothic hellscape, Skeleton Crew is a platform brawler that allows players to use everything (and everyone) to smash their way to victory. Players can line up trick shots and give a good hard kick to launch anything, including enemies, and up to four of their friends in co-op to wreak havoc on the environment and inflict carnage on their enemies.

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