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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #63 - Fall Guys, ScriptableObects, and Stylized Effects

Issue #63 - Fall Guys, ScriptableObects, and Stylized Effects

Issue #63 - Fall Guys, ScriptableObects, and Stylized Effects

Good stuff this week as usual. Animations, ScriptableObjects, stylized shaders and effects, and much more. Enjoy!

New performance improvements in Unity 2020.2 - The Unity 2020.2 release features several optimizations that are now available for testing in beta. Read on to see where you can expect to see major speed-ups and get behind-the-scenes insights into what we’ve done to make these improvements.

Pixel-perfect graphics in Unity – The Practical Guide - In this tutorial I’ll share my experience and present my solution to this problem based on a real case scenario.
Pav Creations

All the places a ScriptableObject is stored - In Unity, architecting games using scriptable objects is gaining traction. Data represented as a ScriptableObject can be decoupled from specific runtime objects, referenced liberally in prefabs, and used to streamline communication across objects. A serialized ScriptableObject can be stored within its own asset file, within another asset, or even directly within a scene.
Eyas's Blog

unitytips: ShadowCaster2DFromCollider Component - If you try to use a ShadowCaster2D in a SpriteShape the shadow produced will have a box form, no matter the form of your SpriteShape. I created this script to help to have SpriteShape with ShadowCaster2D casting right shadows.

Shader Graph Custom Lighting (shadows for unlit graph) - I plan to extend this post further at a later date, but for now it’s a bit of information about getting shadows to work in an Unlit Graph.

Making a Real Time Stylized Sword Aura Effect with Shaders - A detailed break down of creating an animated aura effect for a sword or an object using shaders in Unity3d. The technique however is as usable for Unreal or any other environment. [source code is available on github]
Shahriar Shahrabi

My take on shaders: Stylized water shader - Now, I’ve already covered a water shader in this older tutorial though that one tends to be closer to a “realistic” look (even though it’s not really realistic) and features a bunch of bells and whistles. This shader, on the other hand, produces a simpler, more stylized water effect and, while it includes techniques from the previous water shader, it also introduces some other elements that could potentially inspire you for other effects as well.
Harry Alisavakis

Make Your Characters "Breathe" - I wrote some shader code to make all our characters "breathe". It's really just a UV distortion applied at the midriff of the characters, but it adds so much life to the game! Shader code in thread!
Tom Kail @tomkail

Script Changes While Playing - Tired of script changes breaking play mode? Go to Edit->Preferences->General, and you can then set: "Script Changes While Playing" to "Recompile After Finished Playing" Now code changes in play mode won't recompile until after exiting play mode!
Bill @GameDevBill

Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) Journey: Tips & Tricks - In this post, I will list some tips and tricks that I learned in my journey using the Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) to publish my game Puzzimals to 4 new stores, reaching millions of new users, with a single build.

Rotation Matrices and Looking at a Thing the Easy Way - In Part One of this series, I explained the process by which I learned that Dot Product and Cross Product are a lousy way to implement a LookAt() or LookRotate() function.
Thinking Inside a Different Box


I Made Fall Guys in 1 Week... and Tricked Them to Think it's Real!
I Made Fall Guys in 1 Week... and Tricked Them to Think it's Real! - So i decided to make bean guys, which is just fall guys but more beans, in 1 week. was a fun and little project, and learn quite a bit about physics and networking.

Better Data with Scriptable Objects in Unity! (Tutorial) - In this video, we are going to show you how to use Scriptable Objects to manage your data in Unity.

Creating a Third Person Camera using Cinemachine in Unity! (Tutorial) - In this video, we’re going to look at how we can set up a third-person camera using the new Aiming Rig of Cinemachine 2.6, and how we can use Impulse Propagation and Blending to create additional gameplay functionality for our camera controller.

How to Animate Characters in Unity 3D | Animation Retargeting Explained - Learn how to share character animations using animation retargeting and humanoid rigs in Unity 3D!
Nicky B

Escaping Unity Animator HELL - The Unity Animator system is powerful but can quickly over-complicate simple animation state management for 2D games. In this video I will explain to you another, more streamlined approach.
Lost Relic Games

How To Use Auto Tiling in Unity 2020 - Learn how to use auto-tiling to make laying out your tilemaps in Unity easier!

Make Line Rider in Unity Pt.3 - Erasing the Lines - Learn how to make the popular flash game Line Rider in Unity! This video will cover implementing erasing functionality to erase lines drawn with the line renderer.

Math For Game Devs - y math for game devs lecture #2 is now available on twitch, in case you missed it! Growing heart Lecture 1 - Scalars, Vectors & the Dot Product Lecture 2 - Spaces, Matrices & the Cross Product
Freya Holmér

3D Stylized Water with Refraction and Foam Shader Graph - Unity Tutorial - In this video we will show you how to create 3D Stylized Water with Foam Shader Graph in Unity engine.
Binary Lunar

Stylized Geometry Grass Shader for Universal Render Pipeline Unity [Pt. 2] - A fully functional grass shader that's made for the Universal Render Pipeline, it works without Unity's terrain system and comes with a bunch of features such as lighting, shadows, tesselation! This is the system I will be using in my open world game which I am developing on this channel as well, we will be coding everything ourselves so that you can understand from the base up how everything works.


Humble Unity Games and Game Dev Assets Bundle
Humble Unity Games and Game Dev Assets Bundle - We've teamed up with Unity creators for our newest bundle! Get games like The First Tree and MarZ : Tactical Base Defense + support creators of Unity extensions like Peek and FPS Builder, and AAA art such as Forest Environment - Dynamic Nature. Plus, your purchase will support Girls Who Code, GameChanger, SpecialEffect, and United Roots (Gameheads)!
[Now with even more stuff. 6 new packages have been added to the bundle]
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Unity: Reboot 2020 Sale - Every day, new incredible assets are added to the Unity Asset Store by hard working Asset Store Publishers. These new asset launches can sometimes get buried though, so we want to shed some light on these amazing hot-off-the-press assets!

More than 110 new assets will be available for up to 50% off.

Including many great assets featured previously such as Shapes, Clayxels, Text Animator, Stylized Water For URP, Stylized Grass Shader, Optimizers and so much more!
[Clayxels is also included in the Humble Unity Games and Game Dev Assets Bundle]
Unity Affiliate

Stylized Sword Aura Effect with Shaders - This repo contains code for a stylized aura effect on objects. The shader is well documented, so you should be able to follow along easily. Other than that I also did a detailed break dow of the enite technique in this blog post:

Mesh used in the repo is from Arms Musuem:
IRCSS Open Source

Unity Movement AI - Unity Movement AI is a library of common movement AI scripts known as Steering Behaviors. You can use these scripts to help your NPCs move around your game. The Examples folder holds a number of premade scenes for you to play around with.
sturdyspoon Open Source

Dawg.Compact - Fast prefix matcher allowing to search completions and if a given word or prefix exists in the set of words. Based on Direct Acyclic Word Graph stored internally as a binary array. Written in C# .NET as an experiment of how data locality impacts data structure performance. [making a word game that needs a dictionary? this may be for you]
bodziowolf Open Source

HUMBLE HOW TO CREATE MOBILE APPS AND GAMES BUNDLE - We've teamed up with Zenva Academy for our newest bundle! Get complete courses on building games and apps for Android and iOS using Unity, Java, and Swift. You'll master in-demand skills including working with touch gestures, monetization, augmented reality, and more. Plus, your purchase will support Girls, Inc., DonorsChoose, and Khan Academy!
Humble Bundle Affiliate


How Fall Guys defied the odds and went global
How Fall Guys defied the odds and went global - With a launch that saw 1.5M+ players logging in to take part in one of the wackiest titles of 2020, we celebrate their story – and the technology that made it possible.

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