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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #72 - Patterns, Multiplayer, Animations and more

Issue #72 - Patterns, Multiplayer, Animations and more

Issue #72 - Patterns, Multiplayer, Animations and more

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! Unbuckle the belt and enjoy the latest issue...

Bracket Patterns in C# - P.1 - Perhaps a month ago, I teased a coming post about bracket/delimiter/begin-end patterns in C#...

unitytips: Property Patterns - Unity started to supporting C# 8.0 with version 2020.2 beta and now we can start to use some new features like the Property Pattern.

Stylized VFX in Unity. Part 1: Step, Smoothstep, Dissolve - In this article I’m going to explain the basics of creation of the stylized visual effect for games.

Depth - Depth is a term used in computer graphics to refer to how far a fragment (a potential pixel) is from the camera. But it can be a bit complicated - as depth can come in different spaces/ranges, vary between platform, and vary between perspective and orthographic camera projections.

Parallax Scrolling in pixel-perfect 2D Unity games - Parallax Scrolling can be observed in popular 2D games to create an illusion of depth. The idea is to make our world more believable and immersive with a set of simple graphics and programming tricks. In this tutorial I’m going to explain what parallax scrolling is and how we can create it in Unity for a pixel-perfect game. This article is a follow-up of my two previous articles on how to achieve pixel-perfect graphics and fonts in games.

Effortless Eye Movement: Continued - There are two things we want to do to our eye movement system at this point: 1) Smooth out the transitions to and from a look state, and 2) Extend our system to allow our character to randomly look around.

In parameters in Burst - The Unity Burst Compiler transforms your C# code into highly optimized machine code. One question that we get often from our amazing forum users like @dreamingimlatios surrounds in parameters to functions within Burst code. Should developers use them and where? We’ve put together this post to try and explain them a bit more in detail.

Unity Releases - Unity versions 2021.1.0 Alpha 7, 2020.2.0 Beta 13 and 2020.1.15 have been released


Animations in Unity3D
Animations in Unity3D - Learn the fundamentals of animations in Unity3D! From the basics of moving a cube to customizing a character animation!
Nicky B

Animation Track | Getting Started with Timeline (Unity) - Animation Track | Getting Started with Timeline (Unity)
Omar Balfaqih

Input System: Workflow tips and feature integrations | Unite Now 2020 - Andy Touch, from our Technical Marketing team, shows you how to solve common scenarios when developing a cross-platform game that uses the new Input System. Learn how to quickly switch control schemes, rebind control settings, and connect the Input System with other Unity features.

Beyond the engine: Multiplayer Services | Unite Now 2020 - If you’re thinking about making a multiplayer game, or are looking for solutions to successfully operate one, attend this session for guidance on key parts of the process. You’ll learn the key components of operating a multiplayer game and get inspired by successful multiplayer titles operated using Unity’s solutions.

Unity Multiplayer Tutorial - Login To Server - In this video I'll show you how to make basic server that will accept client that will login to the server

7 things you need to know when creating a mobile AR app | Unite Now 2020 - The growth of mobile AR shows no signs of slowing down. Want to connect with your audience and consumer base using AR? Watch this informative video to learn the 7 best practices, tips, tricks, and tools that will help you succeed with your AR applications.

Bow and Arrow in VR | Prototype Series - In this video, we show how impactful it is to get feedback from an expert developer to make more compelling prototypes using Unity! And if you are a fan of VR, this one will be an interesting one for you!

2D Retro Platformer Tutorial - Unity - pt.19 (Sine Wave/Movement) - Welcome to our first Unity tutorial series! Join us in this beginners tutorial about learning how to use Unity in order to build a simple retro 2D platformer.
Expat Studios

30 UNITY Tips for 2D Games! - I've been making games as a hobbyist game developer for over 7 years. I gathered a lot of experiance and today decided to share it. Heres my 30 UNITY tips & tricks for 2D games! Hope you like it and find it usefull. Cheers and have a good gemedev!

Profiler Improvements in Unity 2019 LTS & 2020.1 - In this video, we'll walk you through the most recent updates in terms of Profiling in Unity 2019 LTS & 2020.1

Endless Fields of Grass in URP with a Compute Shader! | Unity 2020.1 | Game Dev Tutorial - Grass is a tough thing to render in games! In this video, I improve my grass layers script by converting it to use a compute shader and implementing LOD techniques! This makes it run much faster, so I can cover the screen with it!
Ned Makes Games

Pre- & post-launch: Tools & methods gamedevs love | Unite Now 2020 - Join Backtrace as we peek behind the curtain to learn about the tools and methods that indie to AAA studios use throughout the gamedev lifecycle. We dig into what programmers love about their tools, why they use them at different stages of production, and what they hope to incorporate in their next titles.


The Best of Unity Super Sale
The Best of Unity Super Sale - More than 700 incredible assets are now on sale for up to 50% off through December 4, 2020.

Daily Deals
Each day of the Best of Unity Super Sale, Unity is highlighting one special asset and offering it at a 70% discount. These assets are on sale for only 24 hours:

Unity Affiliate

HUMBLE BIG ROYALTY-FREE MUSIC BUNDLE - We've teamed up with Dark Fantasy Studio for our newest bundle to bring you royalty-free music and sound effects to be used in video game development, live streaming, movies, YouTube, content creation and more! Get 26 albums and over 400 tracks, which include .wav, .mp3, and seamless premium licenses for music such as Shadows guild, Superheroes, Dreamagination, and Slasher. Plus, your purchase helps support The V Foundation and Prevent Cancer!

Humble Bundle Affiliate

CC0TexturesUtils - Unity editor scripts for preprocessing CC0 Textures
The normal map format used in CC0 Textures is different from the standard normal map format in Unity. If you use it without a fix, it will end up giving wrong bump directions.
keijiro Open Source

CustomToolbar - This custom tool helps you to test and develop your game easily.
smkplus Open Source

Entity Component System - A better approach to game design that allows you to concentrate on the actual problems you are solving: the data and behavior that make up your game. By moving from object-oriented to data-oriented design it will be easier for you to reuse the code and easier for others to understand and work on it.
elraccoone Open Source


Team Capture
Team Capture - Team Capture is a multiplayer first person shooter game inspired by Quake, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Team Fortress 2 and a tf2 mod called Open Fortress (yes, very Quake engine family based games).
[The entire project is free and open source on Github, follow the link to explore!]

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