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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #64 - Physics, C# and Great Graphics

Issue #64 - Physics, C# and Great Graphics

Issue #64 - Physics, C# and Great Graphics

Physics, code and graphics are the main themes this week, but as always there is much more. Dig in and enjoy!

Fixing Time.deltaTime in Unity 2020.2 for smoother gameplay: What did it take? - Unity 2020.2 beta introduces a fix to an issue that afflicts many development platforms: inconsistent Time.deltaTime values, which lead to jerky, stuttering movements. Read this blog post to understand what was going on and how the upcoming version of Unity helps you create slightly smoother gameplay.

Option for High Performance C# - Ages ago, I wrote about how the concept of null is a million dollar mistake and tried to replicate the concept of Option from other languages into C#.
Coffee Brain Games

Offload project builds with Unity Build Server - Unity Build Server is a new way to offload project builds to dedicated hardware, so studios can build projects at scale and improve team productivity.

Slow Unity Iteration Times? Ask Editor Iteration Profiler (IEP) Why - Complex scenes, huge C# assemblies, expensive initialization in your scripts... All of them lead to slow iteration times in the Unity editor.
The Gamedev Guru

Color Grading - This is the 13th part of a tutorial series about creating a custom scriptable render pipeline. This time we'll add various tools for color grading.
Catlike Coding

Create jaw-dropping graphics with these High Definition Render Pipeline resources - Learn how to bring your high-fidelity graphics to life. We’ve gathered the latest tutorial content to enhance your game in the High Definition Render Pipeline – plus sample projects that are available for download.

Orthographic Camera Tips for Unity3D - During the process of accomplishing some modest goals in isometric gameplay, I’ve taken notes on mistakes and oversights I made while rigging my first orthographic cameras.

Better tools visualization: adding editor handles - I'm trying something different for this post. BonaFide Prefab Painter is a Unity addon created by me, available for purchase in the Asset Store. I'm working on improving its usability by adding something Unity calls Handles and the plan is to go over how that is done at the same time.

Moving 2D Backgrounds in Unity - In my Unity 2D Game, I need to move some items in the background.
Game Dev 4K

Unity 2020.2.0 Beta 5 - Version 2020.2.0 Beta 5 has been released.


Easily Change Behaviors with the Strategy Pattern - Unity and C#
Easily Change Behaviors with the Strategy Pattern - Unity and C# - The strategy pattern is all about encapsulating or wrapping up a behavior or algorithm in its own class. It has the added bonus of allowing behaviors or algorithms to be assigned at runtime! If you have a mess of if statements or switch statements trying to control or adjust behaviors then the strategy pattern might just be what you need to clean up your code.
One Wheel Studio

Softbody Physics using Springs (Unity 2020) - Turn a mesh mushy with softbody physics. How can I make softbody physics in Unity using the things unity has built in? I tried to make softbody using a rigged mesh and spring joints. Here is how it came out.
Omar Santiago

Physics Constraints in Games Part 1 - Constraint Basics - This is a re-recording of a game physics talk I gave in February 2020 during a Unity developer meetup in Taiwan.
Ming-Lun Chou

Make Line Rider in Unity Pt.4 - Player Physics - Learn how to make the popular flash game Line Rider in Unity! This video will cover adding in the player and it's physics as well as cleaning up the code.

Creating 2D Magic Spells | Prototype Series - In this episode of the Prototype Series - we try to take Unity's latest 2D demo and implement new magical game mechanics to it! ✨ ☄️

Unity Open Projects (Launch Trailer) - Welcome to Open Projects, an open-source initiative where we will expose the game development journey as it unfolds, and welcome you to the team as an active participant.

Making a Game Look AMAZING in 10 minutes! (Unity 2020) - While doing the Fall Guys game and working on another game dev log, I realized a concept that could be covered under 10 minutes - making a game look beautiful! So let's take a look at Post Processing in Unity using URP, in only 10 minutes!

Unity Tutorial - Octopath 2D Sprite Shadows And Lighting - In this brief video tutorial, we'll take a look at how to get 2D sprites to display shadows and receive lighting in 3D similar to the Square Enix game Octopath Traveler.

Pixel Perfect Lights and Particles in Unity! (Tutorial) - In this video, we are going to demonstrate how you can use the Universal Render Pipelines 2D Renderer and 2D Lights to create Pixel Perfect Lights and Particles.

50+ Unity Tips And Tricks - A collection of tips and tricks I've learned using Unity this past year..

How To Use Unity's New UI BUILDER - UI Builder Tutorial.
Dapper Dino

Experimenting with Obstacle Avoidance in Unity 3D - Lets explore building a self steering ship that can automatically move out of the way of obstacles in it's path. This is a form of steering algorithm which is used to steer a object towards in objective, in our case we'll be using it for obstacle avoidance.
World of Zero


UniWebView 4
UniWebView 4 - UniWebView is a Unity 3D plugin for adding a web view component to your Unity 3D mobile games.
Yumigi Affiliate

Unity Scene Reference - A SceneReference wrapper class that uses ISerializationCallbackReceiver and a custom PropertyDrawerto provide safe, user-friendly scene references in scripts.
JohannesMP Open Source

Physics Constraints - A minimalistic educational constraint-based physics framework, accompanying a series of talks on physics constraints in games at Unity Frontier meetups in Taiwan.
Ming-Lun "Allen" Chou Open Source

TimeScale tool - At any state of game development, you often need to slow down or stop time. It may be because you have physics accuracy problems, or a succession of event firing very quickly over time. Or you just want to enjoy the slow motion of an action for video purpose. In any case, this TimeScale slider in the unity editor allow you to do just that. A must have for game development for any studio.
UsernameHed Affiliate

SPORE Creature Creator - Procedurally generate creatures in Unity - inspired by the incredible game, Spore! [Watch the video explanation]
Daniel Lochner Open Source


Arbiter - In a world plagued by demonic spirits known as Ethers and Umbras, the Arbiter is the only one who can defeat them. You play as Ashe, the new Arbiter, whose job is to venture out and hunt the greater spirits that would threaten humanity. The Arbiter has the unique ability to transform between light and dark powers, allowing him to fight back against the Ethers and Umbras. Along with his companions, Dove and Raven, Ashe will travel the world to seal the spirits while pursuing the one who defeated his predecessor…

Arbiter is first and foremost a game about combat. Ashe can do everything from lightning-fast sword combos to warping across the battlefield in an instant. Whatever he needs to do, there’s a way to do it.

The game allows you to equip up to eight abilities between your light and dark powers, and you can also transform between four different spirit forms on a whim. At high level play, you’ll be regularly switching between light and dark while creating devastating combos with your forms and abilities.

[Follow the devlog]
Jordan Scott

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