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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #65 - Coding Principles, Shader Experiments, and more

Issue #65 - Coding Principles, Shader Experiments, and more

Issue #65 - Coding Principles, Shader Experiments, and more

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada! Enjoy the feast of Unity content below...

Unite Now is back, with even more content! - We’re bringing back Unite Now, with more sessions, demos, and new shows. Dive into Unite Now year-round to join us for live sessions or watch sessions on-demand, starting October 13.

Moving Kat 3 : Character Controller Ledge Climbing - I took a little time off for my wedding anniversary, but I'm back now with the much requested ledge climbing tutorial :)
Minions Art

Basic Concepts in Unity for Software Engineers - Basic Concepts in Unity for Software Engineers
Eyas's Blog

Game Analytics & Error Tracking for Unity - I wanted to add analytics & error tracking for my game. So, I tried a few popular services. Here's how I did that & the outcome.
Game Dev 4K

Solving Wobbly DeltaTime in Vsync-Enabled Games - There are two issues endemic to the majority of flexible-framerate game engines (this being game engines that surface deltaTime rather than forcing the developer to ensure a certain FPS is always met, or engage in slowdown of gameplay when performance drops). These are: wobbly DeltaTime values even as framerates are consistent, and significant amount of added latency.
Thinking Inside a Different Box

5 Signs You Need Ray-Tracing in Unity - Developing your game in Unity? Then you need to pay attention to 5 signs that reveal you should to move into Ray-tracing.
The Gamedev Guru

Tips for working more effectively with the Asset Database - The Asset Import Pipeline v2 is the new default asset pipeline in Unity, replacing the Asset Import Pipeline v1 with a rewritten asset database to enable fast platform switching. It lays the foundations for scalable asset imports with robust dependency tracking. Read on to explore how the Asset Database works and discover some time-saving tips.

Server Timestamp in Cloud Firestore with Unity - A common situation when working with databases is trying to store a timestamp with the server time, without obtaining the date in the frontend. There are plenty examples on how to do this with Cloud Firestore, but not so many made in Unity. I will showcase how to do it here.
Fer Gamboa

Google Play Games Plugin for Unity: Tips & Tricks - In this post I will list some tips and tricks that I learned while using the Google Play Games Plugin for Unity.

Build An Image Classifier For Detecting Viral Pneumonia, Bacterial Pneumonia With Azure AI And Unity - In addition to the game industry, Unity can also play a role in other industries, so I think it is a very interesting idea to combine Azure and Unity to create some features that help people.
Jiadong Chen

Introduction to the Visual Effect Graph - In this Visual Effect Graph tutorial, you’ll learn how to easily create complex visual effects in Unity with a node editor.

Stylized Glass Shader - A few people asked for the shader I use in the Fake Liquid effect, I thought it was a little too simple, so I spruced it up a little :) An improved version of the old ToonLit Specular shader, adjusted for glass specifically.
Minions Art

Watercolour Shader Experiments - Hey! I’ve been experimenting with “Watercolour” shader effects as part of a tech art/shader challenge over on Harry Alisavakis’ discord.

Unity Shader Viewer - View your own shaders (or anyone else's) with auto-generated formatting, colors, and links to definitions. (Experimental) Search the built-in includes as if there were actually an IDE capable of maybe parsing them reasonably well. Paste in shader code and see it instantly have links to definition and color markup inserted.
Manuela Malasaña

Spectra Gadget - In this post I will demonstrate how to create a simple color filtering postprocessing effect for the Post Processing package.

Unity Safe Mode available in 2020.2 beta - Unity Safe Mode is available in Unity 2020.2 beta. This improves how Unity behaves when opening a project that has script compilation errors.

Unity 2020.2.0 Beta 6 - Unity 2020.2.0 Beta 6 has been released.


Recreating Sage's Wall from Valorant in Unity
Recreating Sage's Wall from Valorant in Unity - Today's project is inspired by Valorant Sage’s Wall. Let’s see the steps I took to recreate this amazing VFX Ability in Unity.
Gabriel Aguiar Prod.

How to Build a Multiplayer Game with Unity + Mirror - In this video, we'll set up everything we need to build a multiplayer game in Unity using Mirror.
Shrine Wars

Make Easy Enemy AI | Finite State Machine in Unity - In this video I'll teach you how you can create Enemy AI for your game using Unity Animtor to create a Finite State Machine,

Geometry Shaders in URP - Plus how to create code shaders from shader graph - Geometry shaders are shader functions you can run after your vertex shader, and before the fragment shader. Today I’ll go over how to set one up in the Universal Render Pipeline, or URP. As a bonus, I’ll also be covering a trick for creating code shaders in URP that bypasses a lot of the effort and understanding generally required

Creating a Water Shader with Shader Graph in Unity! | 2D Shader Basics (Tutorial) - In this video, we are demonstrating how you can create a stylized water shader in Shader Graph by using a combination of scrolling UV and noise patterns. We are also using 2D lights to make our water respond to the lighting.

Custom Post-Processing in Universal Render Pipeline - A quick overview of using the Scriptable Render Pipeline in Unity to implement custom post-process effects.
Game Cottage

Sorting Layers and Sorting Order Explained (Unity 2D) - Let's learn all about how 2D Sorting works with Sorting Layers and Sorting Order.
Code Monkey

SOLID principles for Unity games P1 - Introduction - In this tutorial I will show how we can apply SOLID principles for Unity game to make its code base more maintainable and ready for new features. We will take a prototype of a simple 2d game with a prototypical code that is very cramed into a single class and see how we can refactor it to comply with SOLID principles. I hope that by showing them on an example game project you will understand those principles more clearly.
Sunny Valley Studio

5 ways to make your unity3d code faster - Learn 5 ways to improve the performance of your Unity3D C# code.
Jason Weimann


Survival Engine - Crafting, Farming, Hunting and more..
Survival Engine - Crafting, Farming, Hunting and more.. - The code you need to get started on a survival or simulation game. Add new items, constructions, and plants from the Unity inspector, re-skin with your own models, customize the code to your needs and get the survival adventure started!
Indie Marc Affiliate

CloudBuildManifest - CloudBuildManifest is library to get build information for Unity Cloud Build.
RyotaMurohoshi Open Source

DTL (Dungeon Template Library) - Dungeon free resources (terrain & roguelike generation)
Kasugaccho Open Source

Responsible - Reactive Asynchronous Testing - Responsible is an automated testing utility primarily designed for, but not limited to be used in high level system tests in Unity. It is built on top of UniRx and NUnit.
sbergen Open Source

BakingSheet - Easy datasheet management for C# and Unity
cathei Open Source


Zelter: Creating a 2D Looking Game in 3D in Unity
Zelter: Creating a 2D Looking Game in 3D in Unity - Sangbin Han, CEO of G1 PLAYGROUND, discussed the development of the upcoming survival game Zelter, dived into the team's approach to using assets and creating VFX as well as talked about the publishing and investing processes.
80 Level

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