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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #170 - Fire Up Your Unity Skills!

Issue #170 - Fire Up Your Unity Skills!

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Issue #170 - Fire Up Your Unity Skills!

Start 2023 right with these great tips and tutorials. Enjoy!

A Comprehensive Guide to the Execution Order of Unity Event Functions - This guide illustrates the actual order of execution of the main Unity event functions, as well as the considerations for each one. It also includes essential information to help you understand when and how to use each of these event methods and the consequences of doing so.

Detecting and Fixing Character Controller Problems - Unity C# Code #1 - The goal would be never to have these underlying problems, but sometimes those problems can’t be found, and may happen rarely, but still need to be accounted for to prevent players from having a bad experience.

7 tutorials to help uplevel your Unity skills in 2023 - Whether you’re just starting out in the Editor or are a well-versed user, our team has curated a selection of courses and projects to help you conquer new skills or improve upon existing ones. Keep reading for seven resources that span all skill levels.

Portal Rendering with Offscreen Render Targets - This is an attempt at explaining how to implement portals using an offscreen render target.

Snowglobe - Recently I made this Snowglobe scene (as part of a tech art challenge, with themes “Festive” and “Snow”) in which I used a couple slightly different tools/techniques that I’m used to.

2022’s best tips from Unity developers on Twitter - Throughout the past year, we’ve loved seeing the tips you shared each week using the #UnityTips hashtag. We were also lucky enough to have a handful of developers take over our Unity for Games Twitter channel for a day, directly sharing expertise and insight with our community.


Set Anything on FIRE using VFX Graph in Unity
Set Anything on FIRE using VFX Graph in Unity - An overview of an effect that can make any mesh burn to death !
AE Tuts

Hierarchy Window Group Header - Use the Hierarchy Window Group Header to organize your hierarchy. You only have to name name something with ----- at the start or the end of it. Tag it as EditorOnly and you're done!
Diego Giacomelli

1zed1 Unity 3D Rigidbody Custom Character Controller 1.0 - A custom, advanced 1st and 3rd person character controller for beginners that utilizes Unity's Rigidbody physics, new input system, cinemachine cameras, and a custom implementation of player gravity.
1zed1 Games

Achieving Rollerdrome's Iconic Comic Book Aesthetic | Unity - Alina Sommer, Technical Artist at Roll7, walks us through how the team achieved the iconic illustrative style for Rollerdrome.

Why Test Games - Games often ship with bugs or unfinished features. Developers can help minimize these bugs by adding proper testing.
Nick Maltbie


Unity and Unreal RPG Essentials Bundle
Unity and Unreal RPG Essentials Bundle - Epic assets to craft your role-playing game.

Build your fantasy RPG world with this expansive library of assets from Blink, curated for Unity and Unreal Engine creators! This bundle is filled with fantastical stylized weapons, armor prefabs, animated creatures, humanoid characters, environment textures, icons, and more essentials you need to create the role-playing saga you’re dreaming of.

Start developing your game today, and help support with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Book Bundle - Understand, build, and tap into AI. Curious about artificial intelligence? Need practical advice on working with machine learning? Pick up this library of ebooks and unlock a deeper understanding of today’s most talked-about technologies! Explore the realms of data science, neural networks, computer vision, and AI ethics, and find out how to use tools like Python and Spark to harness the power of machine learning for your own applications. Plus, your purchase helps support Prevent Cancer Foundation!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

ColafeScript - ColafeScript (COnsole LAnguage For Events) is a simple runtime scripting language for the Unity game engine. It was originally designed to be used as an alternative to the (limited) UnityEvent inspector fields and evolved into a language for scripting chains of event functions. It also makes up for a good in-game console language for testing functions, setting up variables, starting event chains, or just enabling cheats.
LucianoCandal Open Source

GrassBending - A replacement for Unity's terrain grass shader with alpha blended rendering and touch bending effect
Elringus Open Source

AnimMap Baker For Animated Characters - How To Render 10,000 Animated Characters With 20 Draw Calls In Unity.
chenjd Open Source

OToon - URP Toon Shading (FREE) - OToon is a uber shader aim to create stylized shading for Unity. Provide beginner-freindly UI & Contains numerous feature that are essential to create eye-popping toon shaded objects.
Eric Hu Affiliate

Lucid Random - Lucid Random extends Unity's Random class, adding more features such as reproducible random numbers and weighted list.
AnnulusGames Open Source

Auto Setup For Unity (Free) - Character Creator, iClone and ActorCore provide quality characters, animations, and assets to game developers. To save time in the complicated and repetitious import process, Reallusion offers CC/IC Unity Auto Setup tools to automate the task of Digital Human shader assignment, characterization and motion preview for Unity.

Hey Area Object Spawner v1.2 - Hey Area Object Spawner is a very simple to use level design tool that allows you to create random objects inside a complex area on the terrain. In addition, spawning hierarchy system allows you to easily create complex area (Polygon from points) spawning systems, saving your time in level designing!
JahnStar Open Source

Smart Inspector - Fluent re-take on Unity Inspector UX. Packed with QoL improvements.
neon-age Open Source

Music Creators Spectacular Holiday Special Software Bundle - Make music this holiday & all New Year long. Get creative with this epicly festive music creation bundle from Producer Loops! Save yourself over $1,640 by purchasing this mega bundle containing 52 Sample Packs with 16,000+ WAV samples, 3,000+ MIDI files, and 350+ synth instrument presets for the likes of Spire & Serum, plus 4 exclusive coupon codes. Don’t miss this limited chance to massively boost your creativity this holiday season or get a great gift for a music-making friend—all while helping support Alzheimer’s Research UK.
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Lockstep.BehaviourTree - Memory-compact BehaviorTree (use c# unsafe pointer && struct)
JiepengTan Open Source

com.bananaparty.behaviortree - Unity package. Fully cross-platform Behavior Tree featuring support for deterministic simulation and prediction-rollback netcode. Does not reference Unity Engine, so it could be used in a regular C# project.
forcepusher Open Source

O-Z-Unity Protector - O&Z Protector is a tool providing custom encryption for Unity
Z1029-oRangeSumMer Open Source

AltTester Unity SDK - AltTester Unity SDK is an open-source UI driven test automation tool that helps you find objects in your game and interacts with them using tests written in C#
alttester Open Source

unity-vectorfield - Unity-vectorfield is vector field utility library, consisting of vector field generators on mesh and operators for them. It allows you to quick implementation of differential geometry algorithms on Unity, which instantly applicable to game programming, media art creation, or physical simulation.
komietty Open Source

C# and .Net Ultimate Book Bundle - Learn skills for modern software development. Sharpen your skills with C# programming and .NET cross-platform development with this bundle from the experts at Packt. Through a mix of books and video courses, you’ll learn about the technology that powers many of today’s professional websites, apps, and services—and get the tools you need to take your career or studies to the next level. Pay what you want, and choose how much of your purchase helps us support Starlight Children’s Foundation below!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

UnityObservables - A tiny package containing generic implementations for Observables that play nice with the Unity Editor. The Observables are serializable, they display nicely in the inspector, and they work with the UNDO system.
Adam4lexander Open Source

EcsRx - EcsRx is a reactive take on the common ECS pattern with a well separated design using rx and adhering to IoC and other sensible design patterns.
EcsRx Open Source

Serially - Adds a unity-supported, SerializableType class and an inspector for editing SerializeReference fields.
CareBoo Open Source

Open Brush - Tilt Brush Evolved - Open Brush is a free fork of Tilt Brush, a room-scale 3D-painting virtual-reality application available from Google, originally developed by Skillman & Hackett.
icosa-gallery Open Source

Unity Plane Mesh Splitter - Say you have a gigantic terrain in a single mesh. Unity is going to process the entire mesh when rendering it even though only a small section in front of the camera is visible. This tool lets your split this large mesh into smaller submeshes which should greatly improve the performance thanks to the built-in Unity frustum culling (only visible meshes will be rendered).
artnas Open Source

Advanced First Person Shooter Character Controller - An open-source project focused on creating the best lightweight yet feature-rich non-Rigidbody first person shooter character controller for Unity3D.
NecroMarX Open Source

TextureMerge - this program is ideal if you want to pack individual grayscale textures in one image.
Fidifis Open Source

UnityGoogleDrive - Google Drive SDK for Unity game engine.
Elringus Open Source

Build Pipeline for Android - This is a build tools for Unity Editor that easier to use. Include custom format name and auto increment bundle every perform a build.
LuviKunG Open Source

UnityScriptableObjectDatabase - Database for scriptable objects in Unity using Odin Inspector
NuclearBand Open Source

ARCore GeospatialAPI Unity StarterKit - This sample project is compatible with ARCore Extensions for AR Foundation v1.35.0.
TakashiYoshinaga Open Source

Anone Can Learn To Code - The Complete 2023 Online Course - Become a programming pro. Learn coding fundamentals and become a software development master with this massive bundle from the training experts at Mammoth Interactive! Through dozens of online courses, you’ll learn the essential tools, languages, and techniques you need to build websites, mobile apps, Unity and Unreal Engine games, and much more. Pay what you want and choose how much of your purchase helps us support Starlight Children’s Foundation below!
Humble Bundle Affiliate


The Settlings
The Settlings - Relaxing Lemmings inspired settlement builder & resource management game in retro pixelart optic. Gather, deliver, build & fight - All this in your own pace with atmospheric music and many unique mechanics!

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