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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #175 - Best Practices

Issue #175 - Best Practices

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Issue #175 - Best Practices

Learn some best practices for UI and more in this issue. Enjoy!

Addressables: Planning and best practices - This guide explores some of the most important factors to consider so that you can get the most out of the Addressables system. At the end of this blog, you’ll find helpful “cheat sheets” that provide general settings and strategy recommendations based on common Addressables use cases.

Localizing Unity Games As An Indie Dev - My ideal setup was one that was equally easy for me as the developer as it would be for a number of translators working async to me.

Best practices for mobile UI design – part 2 - In part two of the Q&A, they share details on implementation, testing, performance optimization, and analytics integration for UI.

Fundamental Math for Game Developers - The range of mathematics we can use as programmers is quite broad; no single course could cover it. This article is a high-level overview of some of the most important math topics we use as gamedevs. We'll discuss math education, review useful math topics in CS, and present methods we can use to improve the way we learn math.

Designing a deeper space: Visual effects in Alt Shift’s Crying Suns - In this guest post, Alt Shift Lead Programmer Christophe Sauveur explains how he lit up Crying Suns’s gritty deep-space world, and provides rendering tips and resources you can apply to your own project.

Adding life to a simple 2D scene - -
This post includes a descriptions on how to make cool flickering video frames, my particle effects workflow and how to add a video layer on a character material.

History Of Video Games (1940's - 2010's) - This is website about history of video games and video games "Firsts". What was first color game? First racing game? First banned game? First 3D Game? You will find all these game here! Plus -Retro reviews and photos from old magazines!.


Vampire Survivors Only Works Because We're Stupid
Vampire Survivors Only Works Because We're Stupid - You are terrible at maths. Sorry, someone had to say it. However, it's not all bad news - so is every other human being ever to live! You're ALL awful when it comes to numbers! Whilst you don't always realize it, humans have an incredibly flawed understanding of everything from size to statistics, changing the way we perceive and think about numbers, particularly in videogames - but does this make them better or worse?
Adam Millard - The Architect of Games

How to use Text Mesh Pro's link tag to trigger events from your textbox - In this video you will learn how to use Text Mesh Pro’s link tag in a way that will enable you to invoke events when your textbox contains link tagged elements. In the first part, we’ll build the system for an all-at once displayed text system, and in the second part we will see how you can make the system work with the typewriter effect we build in the previous video and have characters react to certain parts of the text being revealed.
Christina Creates Games

Making Double Sided Card Shader with Unity Shader Graph! - In this video, I'll show you how to create a double sided card shader from scratch in Unity. We will be using Unity 2019.3.4f1 and the Universal Render Pipeline/shader graph.
Ignore Solutions

My Strange Obsession With Gaming Elevators - Elevators are unsung heroes in games. They are strange little places that we all find ourselves for a brief moment in passing. In some cases they just hide a loading screen or move us from floor to floor, but today, I want to send a big weird love letter to the elevators in games that go above and beyond. And hopefully, by doing so, I can convince you that I am not insane for being oddly obsessed with them…
Daryl Talks Games

How to create an underwater effect in Unity (Tutorial) by #SyntyStudios - In this tutorial we take the POLYGON Nature Biomes Jungle Pack and look at how create an underwater effect using post processing volumes. We implement an above water volume and an underwater volume and show how to transition between the 2. We also look at setting up environment fog that is enabled by script when entering the water and disabled when exiting the water.
synty studios


Fresh Assets 50% Off
Fresh Assets 50% Off - Save on 200+ new and trendning assets at 50% off.

Including: Beautify 3, Casual RPG VFX, Liqua Volumetric Fluids, Flare Engine - 2D Tools, Intelliap PRO, H-Trace: GI & Occlusion HDRP, and lots more!

Goodbye compiling!Hello, Hot Reload for Unity - Edit any C# function and get immediate updates in your game. Built by game devs, for game devs - our studio has battle-tested Hot Reload for more than 3 years. [Also read the Reddit thread]

Particle Effect For UGUI (UI Particle) - Render particle effect in UnityUI(uGUI). Maskable, sortable, and no extra Camera/RenderTexture/Canvas.
mob-sakai Open Source

UIEffect - UIEffect provides visual effect components for Unity UI.
mob-sakai Open Source

Entire City of New York in 3D For Free from Geopipe - You can now download all or part of the city of New York in 3D in a variety of file formats, from Geopipe completely free. [Direct link to GeoPipe page]

Unity-Saver - Encrypted local data storage in Unity runtime on any platform. Thread safe, Unity-Saver uses dedicated non-main thread for Read/Write operations with files.
IvanMurzak Open Source

Unity-Mouse-Parallax - Unity Parallax based on mouse input. Alternative version to Unity-Gyroscope-Parallax.
IvanMurzak Open Source

InspectorFoldoutGroup - Group variables in Unity 3d inspector with style!
PixeyeHQ Open Source

EmojiTexture - A Unity plugin to render Emojis to a texture. Currently for iOS and Android only.
iBicha Open Source

Scene Loading - A package that standardizes scene loading operations between the Unity Scene Manager and Addressables, allowing multiple alternatives of awaiting such as Coroutines, Async or UniTask.
mygamedevtools Open Source

Unity API references for DocFX - Automatically add clickable links to the Unity API on a DocFX documentation
NormandErwan Open Source

Unity Figma Bridge - Easily bring your Figma Documents, Components, Assets and Prototypes to Unity
simonoliver Open Source

Nuclear Scriptable Object Database - Database for scriptable objects in Unity using Odin Inspector
NuclearBand Open Source

Optimized Grid - The Optimized Grid is a procedurally generated grid system that boasts exceptional performance, making it ideal for individuals seeking to learn about optimization and memory management. This tool eliminates the need for object pooling with Unity's GameObjects, making it a perfect tool for those looking to practice pathfinding.
tomicz Open Source

Unity Android Runtime Permissions - A native Unity plugin to handle runtime permissions on Android M+
yasirkula Open Source

Unity Refactor Tools - Tools for refactoring content stored in Unity Prefabs, Scenes and other Assets.
acoppes Open Source

Music Producer 2023 - Plugins And Software Essentials - A must-have mix for musicmakers. Listen up, music producers, artists, DJs, vocalists, and everyone who dreams of making their own music—this bundle of software essentials was mixed for you! Featuring a pack of plug-ins to add punch, power, and polish to your productions, along with a library of royalty-free loops, beats, and samples to help you construct your melodies, this value-packed collection will help take your digital compositions to new levels. Plus, your purchase helps support Alzheimer's Research UK.
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Get Into Music Variety Pack Software Bundle - Start making music today. Got a song in your heart and want to share it with the world? Pick up this variety-packed bundle and start composing! Build an instant virtual studio with synthesizers, the award-winning Boom 3D audio enhancer and equalizer, instruments, and more essential tools. Get a library of loops, SFX, MIDI files, presets, and more sounds to help you unleash your creativity. Score $1,000+ worth of audio software, and help support Direct Relief with your purchase.
Humble Bundle Affiliate


Erra: Exordium
Erra: Exordium - Erra: Exordium is a 2D action adventure game in Dieselpunk setting. Explore a world based on Sumerian-Akkadian mythology. Take the role of a scientist who was able to cheat death and fight the rebellious army of mechatrons.

[You can download the demo on Steam, follow them on Twitter and visit their website]
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