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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #55 - Character Animation, Visual Scripting, 2020 plus

Issue #55 - Character Animation, Visual Scripting, 2020 plus

Issue #55 - Character Animation, Visual Scripting, 2020 plus

Tons of great content this week. Tutorials to get you going on character animations, particle systems, visual scripting with Bolt (made free last week), and much more. Enjoy!

Unity C#: Expression-Bodied Members to Reduce Your Code Verbosity - Continuing with our Modern C# for Unity Game Development series, today I'm going to show you how to reduce the verbosity of your code with C# Expression-Bodied Members.
The Gamedev Guru

Dependency Injection in C# - Nowadays, the dependency injection design pattern is one of the most frequently used design patterns in real-time applications. So, as a developer, you should know why and how to use Dependency Injection Design Pattern in C#.

How To Manage Platform Dependent Code In A Unity Project - Unity is a cross-platform game engine that provides great abstraction over the platform. Sometimes, however, you should use the platform API directly. In this article, we will consider available options that you have in such a situation, and the solution that we have adopted in our project.

Organizing Your Project With Bolt - Unity3D Visual Scripting - Bolt is a visual scripting tool that can be used in place of C# scripting, and is especially helpful when you are a visual learner like me. In this series of tutorials, I’ll be sharing some of the insight I’ve gained while working with the tool! [Bolt was made free by Unity last week]

Data persistence or how to save / load game data in Unity - While you work on your project in Unity, sooner or later you will come across a problem of data persistence. Luckily, both C# and Unity provide few solutions to this problem. All of them have pros and cons and it is entirely up to developer to decide which one is the best for the project. In this tutorial I’ll describe the most important ones.
Pav Creations

Post Processing - This is the 11th part of a tutorial series about creating a custom scriptable render pipeline. It adds support for post processing, initially only bloom.
Catlike Coding

Compute Shader - So far we always used shaders to render with a fixed pipeline into textures, but modern graphics card can do way more than just that (sometimes they’re also referred to as GPGPU for “general purpose graphics processing unit”). To do things that aren't in the fix pipeline we’re using so far we have to use compute shaders.
Ronja's Shader Tutorials

Quick Game Art Tip - Sprite/UI Color Mask - Very simple shader, but one I haven't shared yet.
Minions Art is creating art

3D Parallax With 2D Assets - New #under60sec tutorial! Here is how to fake 3D parallax with 2D assets in Shader Graph. It's easy to implement and makes the graphics pop! It's also great for mobile. Hope it helps!
Daniel Santalla @danielsantalla

Unity 2020.2.0 Alpha 19 - Version 2020.2.0a19 has been released.


Top 5 Unity 2020 changes you need to know about?
Top 5 Unity 2020 changes you need to know about? - Unity 2020 is out and has quite a few interesting changes. Today we'll go over the key updates in unity3d 2020 that matter for every game dev! (or at least the things I see making a noticeable difference every day for all of my projects, not just the srp ones).
Jason Weimann

Camera Stacking in Unity with URP! (Tutorial) - In this video we're going to take a look at Camera Stacking with the Universal Render Pipeline, in short URP, using Unity! Using Camera Stacking you can layer game UI in Unity very quickly, and author high quality user experience.

Getting started with the Particle System | Unite Now 2020 - In this video, you'll learn how to make fire, smoke, snow, and rain using Unity’s Particle System. You’ll also learn how to modify several properties and use custom 2D textures to customize a particle’s shape.

Learning Unity's Particle System In Two Weeks (Indie Game Devlog) - In this devlog, I learn all about Unity's glorious particle system and add a new weapon, a shotgun!

How to Animate Characters in Unity 3D | Blend Trees Explained: One Dimensional - Learn how to animate characters in Unity 3D with dynamic animations from blend trees!
Nicky B

Creating Character Animations in Unity! (Tutorial) - In this video, we're going to take a 'look at' (pun absolutely intended) how to create procedural character animations in Unity! This will be done using the Animation Rigging Package.

Visual Scripting is available in Unity 2020! – Bolt Overview - Visual Scripting is now possible in Unity 2019 / Unity 2020 via Bolt!

Scatter Effect in Unity! (Visual Effect Graph) - Let's learn how to make a Scatter effect using the Visual Effect Graph!
Code Monkey

Twisted Corridor Effect in Unity Shader Graph - This is a quick Tut on twisting any geometry based on the distance between vertices and the camera using Unity Shader Graph.
AE Tuts

How To Create and Shoot a 2D Laser in Unity - Let's see how to create and shoot a 2D Laser in Unity, using Shader Graph and a bit of code. Laser is procedurally generated, which means no textures involved!
Gabriel Aguiar Prod.

Blending gameplay & storytelling w/ Timeline: Cutscenes & game graphics | Unite Now 2020 - In this session, learn how to use Timeline to produce gameplay-integrated cutscenes that provide a truly engaging player experience. We’ll cover clips, keyframing, markers, Signals, and more.

Implementing a Fighter Cinematic | Prototype Series - Welcome to the Prototype Series - a group of videos that focuses on the creation of playable prototypes, showcasing how multiple features of Unity can be used to achieve game mechanics that can be used in real-world scenarios!

How to Make a LOCAL MULTIPLAYER Game Using Unity's NEW INPUT SYSTEM (Multiple Controllers) - Hello everybody! In this video I'm going to show you the basics of making a local multiplayer game using Unity's (relatively) new Input System! It's actually a pretty simple and straightforward process that does not even require any coding!

Design Pattern: Object Pooling in Unity - Learn how the Game Programming Pattern: Object Pool works and how to implement one in Unity to save performance.

Start making money from your mobile game | Unite Now 2020 - Learn how to strategize and implement monetization tailored to your game type and player experience. All game producers – from AAA studios to one-person operations – will gain valuable tips on optimizing ads so you can earn revenue from your hard work.


PRO Effects: FPS Muzzle flashes & Impacts
PRO Effects: FPS Muzzle flashes & Impacts - PRO Effects: FPS Muzzle flashes & Impacts will upgrade your First Person Shooter to a new level.


  • 15 Game-Ready effects for player weapons. Each effect contains muzzle flash, smoke and shells where necessary.
  • 56 HQ Bullet Hole Decals. 4 decal variants for each of 14 surface types. 2K atlases.
  • 15 Impact effects. For each of 15 surface types.
  • High quality sprite sheets. 4K textures. Knife Entertainment Affiliate

Kinds [Beta] - Fastest Explorer Ever (FREE) - If you were like me, you’d be spending a lot of time exploring game objects. I tried a few assets to reduce wasted time but they didn’t help me. I had to set up something or pay constant attention to use them. I wanted a more automatic one and Kinds is the result.
Using Theirs Affiliate

Servo Unity - This project constitutes a Unity native plugin and a set of Unity C# script components allow third parties to incorporate Servo browser windows into Unity scenes. For more background information, see the blog post.
Mozilla Mixed Reality Open Source

Texture 3D Converter - Just wrote this Texture3D Converter for a friend. Makes a Tex3D from a 2D spritesheet. Feel free to use, enhance, whatever... =)
JanLoehr Open Source

Unity Animation And Physics Binding - Unity Animation And Physics Binding - is attempt to make simple tool for blending animations with physics.
Albert Kovnir Open Source

RuntimeMesh.cs - You can't serialize Mesh in Unity in a component, but you can still save parts of it (like vertices, colors etc.) and rebuild it in runtime. Here's a quick script to do just that.
Ardaurum Open Source

Unity Editor History panel - Photoshop like navigation panel for unity. Features:

  • Don't need to be focuses to get shortcuts, just open and keep with something, like inspector
  • Keep history between Editor / Playtime
  • Configure Hotkeys for back and forward (I'm using Ctrl + = and Ctrl + - like rider :D ) Bruno Andre Mikoski Open Source

Auto Importer for Aseprite LITE (FREE) - This tool allows you to have a seamless workflow when using the pixel art editor Aseprite and Unity. Automatic import of Aseprite files (.ase and .aseprite). It reimports the images whenever a change is made to the original Aseprite asset. This allows for a smooth workflow, where you can even make a change in Aseprite, save it, and have it immediately reflected in Unity, even during play mode.
[Read the blog post for more info]
Antomic Affiliate

Unity Constants Generator - Generate constants values automatically for Scenes, Layers, Sorting Layers, and Tags.
neptaconeptaco Open Source


Heist Game
Heist Game - Hi! I'm starting this Game Devlog series to show you my progress with my Android Heist Game. I have some experience with Unity 3D, so that's the engine I'm using. All assets are down below and if you have any suggestions for the game just leave a comment. I'm just a small indie game developer for androids and I'll try to make this devlogs every 2-3 weeks.
BugC - Game dev

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