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Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev
Game Dev Digest - The Newsletter On Unity Game Dev

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Game Dev Digest — Issue #85 - Platforms, Performance, and Tutorials

Issue #85 - Platforms, Performance, and Tutorials

Issue #85 - Platforms, Performance, and Tutorials

More tutorials this week, and even tutorials on how to create tutorials! Plus the usual great stuff and tons of assets down below. Enjoy!

Unity at GDC Showcase - Join us for this free online event highlighting Unity features for game developers, creator stories, and lots more. Don’t miss it – March 15–19, 2021.

Platformers implementation in Unity from scratch - In this tutorial we are going to create a simple platformer in Unity from scratch.

Unity Create a Moving Platform the Player Character Can Stand On - Moving platforms are a staple in any platformer.

In-Editor tutorials available to try in Unity 2021.1 - This new pre-release package helps Unity developers create in-Editor interactive tutorials for their Editor tools and projects.

How we did the tutorial system in Academia: School Simulator, Part 2: Actions - In part 1 of this post, I discussed about the underlying framework used for our tutorial system for Academia. I’ll continue it here on how we made the tutorial actions.

Interactive Snow w/ Tessellation for URP - Here is the URP version of Interactive Snow shader I made a while ago
Minions Art

Intro to Shader Graph - Hey! This post is a detailed introduction to using Shader Graph. We’ll be going over how to use the tool and it’s features, not necessarily how to create shaders using it.

Particle Metaballs in Unity using URP and Shader Graph Part 2 - This post is part 2 in a series of articles that explain how to draw Metaballs in Unity using the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and Shader Graph.
Bronson Zgeb

Tackling profiling for mobile games with Unity and Arm - Learn how to take on mobile performance issues with profiling tools from Unity and Arm. Go in depth on how to profile with Unity, how to optimize performance drop offs and tips and tricks on getting the most out of your game assets.

Unity releases - Unity 2020.3 LTS, 2021.1.0 Beta 11 and Unity 2021.2.0 Alpha 8 have been released.


1-bit Graphics In Unity | Obra Dinn Tutorial - Shaderlab
1-bit Graphics In Unity | Obra Dinn Tutorial - Shaderlab - Give the project a download if you want to see the final effect without YouTube compression!

How To Cut A Line Renderer Trajectory With Collision And/Or Percentage | Unity Tutorial - This Unity tutorial covers how to cut a trajectory with collision and/or percentage. These two approaches are explained separately and shown combined at the end.

Performance optimization tips: Physics in Unity | Tutorial - In this video, we’ll go through key physics considerations to keep in mind when you're aiming for high performance while moving from a prototype to a more complex project.

Unity Basics: Triangle Winding, Culling Modes & Double Sided Materials | Game Dev Tutorial - Triangle winding direction is a pillar of Unity's rendering system. Triangle points are ordered, and the way they're positioned on the screen, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, determines whether Unity will render them or not. You can change this behaviour my modifying the culling mode with a double-sided material. In this video, I explain how to do so with the default URP lit shaders, a custom code shader, and a URP shader graph.
Ned Makes Games

Using Attributes and Reflection to Dynamically Manage Data in Unity - Learn how to use Custom Attributes to tag your code and then use Reflection to retrieve and manage the tagged data.
Game Dev Guide


Asset Passport Sale
Asset Passport Sale - Unity is launching the Asset Passport Sale! This world building themed sale runs through March 15, 2021, and more than 100 assets will be available at 50% off, including top tools, environments, fantasy and sci-fi worlds, and more. Including assets like MTree - Tree Creation, SECTR COMPLETE 2019, Vegetation Studio Pro, MapMagic 2 Bundle, and plenty more!
Unity Affiliate

IPTech.Coroutines - A Unity library for coroutines that provides: Error Handling with Catch / Finally pattern Faster coroutine iteration Runs in editor for editor Coroutines. This library was created to add some basic elements that make coroutines much more programmer friendly.
ianpilipski Open Source

DitherDown - DitherDown is custom post-processing effect for Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) that dithers and downsamples the entire screen but does not modify color. Based on Kino recolor and Kino Eight.
ryantwarner Open Source

Unity Visualizations - Collection of shaders and visual effects created for Unity 3D.
WorldOfZero Open Source

RavaR - RavaR is a 2D monster catching RPG game made with Unity and C#.
RavaR is a fantasy world with multiple regions to explore, battle and capture different Battokuri. Battokuri (battle creatures) roam free and can be captured, leveled, battled and traded.
trdillon Open Source

React Unity - React Unity is a way to build interactive UI in Unity3D using React.
ReactUnity Open Source

PicaVoxel - Open source release of the retired Unity asset PicaVoxel.
This is a slightly modified version of the final asset store release, and has been tested working on Unity 2019.4 LTS.
GarethIW Open Source

picoCAD - A tiny modeller for tiny models. picoCAD is a program to build and texture lowpoly 3D models. Where many programs for modelling and texturing are bloated and overly complicated, picoCAD aims to make it fun, easy, and accessible by focusing on the bare essentials.

Fake Stop Motion for Unity - Fake stop motion effect for Unity. Add the script to any component, set FPS property to your desired frames per second, assign the Animator property, and then be sure to set the Animator Update Mode to Animate Physics.
EricFreeman Open Source

MegaFiers - 2 - Deform game objects with over 50 deformers and Warps. Stack your effects and bring the animation possibilities found in Max, Maya and Blender to your game projects and characters. 40x Less CPU usage
Chris West Affiliate

KenShape UnlitDirectionalTint.shader - Here's the shader I made for KenShape voxels and some other projects. It's unlit but allows you to set a color tint per direction giving you a lot of control over the looks. Consider using it in your project! (License: it's yours)
[Alex Ameye converted to URP]
Kenney @KenneyNL Open Source

MaterialGradientDrawer.cs - A Material Property Drawer for the [Gradient] attribute which lets you edit gradients and adds them to the shader as textures. More information here:
totallyRonja Open Source

Discord Game Sdk - The Discord Game Sdk, repackaged for Unity.
iosoftworks Open Source

env - Use .env files in your Unity projects.
CandyCoded Open Source


Trafficking - An isometric point and click adventure game.

Trafficking is an adventure game that takes place in New York in 1990.

You play as a detective solving a mystery trough series of interviews, with tens or hundreds of lifes at stake.
[follow along on the devblog]

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