A Quick Post About Resumes

Service Objects in Ruby on Rails…and you

Rob Race

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podcastEpisode 2: March 23, 2017


Memorylessness at the Bus Stop: Using R on transit data to test a hypothesis

Walker Harrison

Want to get ahead? Bounce the ball!

Sarunas Savicianskas

Windows Won't Let My Program Crash

Erik McClure

Looking For The Logic Behind Logarithms

Vaidehi Joshi

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podcastWhy You Should Evaluate How You're Spending Your Mental Energy

Developer Tea

Calling Go Functions from Other Languages

Vladimir Vivien

Am I still a Junior Developer?

Sal Hernandez

TL;DR: Dynamo: Amazon’s Highly Available Key-value Store

Elvin Yung

Bit Hacking with Go

Vladimir Vivien

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podcastEpisode 53: Bait and Switch and Informing Your Manager

Soft Skills Engineering

Classifying Tweets with Amazon ML

Rohan Sahai

Ben’s Five Keys to Creating a Successful Side Project

Ben Halpern

How do you choose between an interface and abstract class?

Suhas Chatekar

A Slightly Better C++

Nathan Fenner


podcastFailure Injection with Kolton Andrus

Software Engineering Daily

Securing your ElasticSearch instances

Preslav Rachev

Thinking of the next developer

David Nimmo

A Redux minimum working example


Creating Tiny Bootstrap Builds With Webpack



podcaststdlib, Nodal, NtSeq, and the Future of FaaS with Keith Horwood

MS Dev Show

Taming untracked files in a large git repository

Matthew Watkins


What Makes A Senior Software Engineer

Kurtis Nusbaum

How I Git


Why you should use standard HTTP methods when designing REST APIs

Suhas Chatekar

To be continuous 1024x1024

podcastEp. #30, How To Interview

To Be Continuous

Exploring Unseen Open Source Infrastructure

Andrew Nesbitt

Setting up a VPS on Linode

Patrick Krebs

State of Crystal at 0.21

Santiago Palladino

The communication spectrum: getting people on your wavelength

Jez Halford


podcastSoftware Psychology with Bjorn Freeman Benson

Software Engineering Daily

DOM elements with ID's are global variables

Andrew Buntine

The Power of Fluid Teams

Robert Mißbach