The target="_blank" vulnerability by example

Ben Halpern

security html phishing

#94 Guarenteed packages via Conda and Conda-Forge

πŸ”Š Talk Python

The Flawed Goal of Uniformity in Software Development

Ben Halpern

My Top Eight Must-Listen Developer Podcasts

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The poor, misunderstood decorator

Marcos Felipe Pimenta Rodrigues

ruby oop design-patterns

Using Predictive Algorithms to Track Real Time Health Trends

Matt Kiser


Urbit with Curtis Yarvin and Galen Wolfe-Pauly

πŸ”Š Software Engineering Daily

You Should Absolutely Read "The Rosie Project"

Ben Halpern

Determining the Width of a String

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ruby design

The Psychological Benefits of the Minimum Viable Product

Ben Halpern

Defining The Industry

Tariq Ali

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95: Click 'Cat' to go 'Home' (Morgane Santos)

πŸ”Š The Bike Shed

What industry am I in?

Ben Halpern

There are rockstars and there are bands

Ka Wai Cheung

Programmers: stay nimble.

Tony Hillerson

When Software Gets Complicated

Ben Halpern

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3 Questions Your Should Be Asking Before Starting A Project

πŸ”Š Developer Tea

This Image is Also an HTML Webpage

Ben Halpern

Maybe Reinvent The Wheel

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Talk About It, Justify It

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Using Templates in Computer-Generated Works

Tariq Ali


Speech to Text in 2017 with

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Web and Browser Performance is More Important Than Ever

Ben Halpern

Kelsey Hightower Channels Maya Angelou to Talk About Race at GopherCon

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Hiring Passionate Front-End Developer

Ben Halpern

"Structure" in Computer-Generated Novels

Tariq Ali


JSJ My JS Story #001: Keith Horwood

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The ABC's of A/B Testing

Chris Lock

Web development on a Chromebook


The Web is Too Damn Slow

Ben Halpern

css web-performance html

Machine Learning Advice for Developers

Alexander Lavin


RR 293 Packaging Ruby with Nell Shamrell-Harrington

πŸ”Š Ruby Rogues

Five Killer Custom Searches for Finding Remote Development Jobs

Remote Coder

Faster Rendering on the Web

Ben Halpern

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